Prices of bicycles for adults and the most important difference between them

Prices of bicycles for adults and the most important difference between them

The difference between a hybrid and a mountain bike, there are many people who want to buy bicycles because it is one of the types of sports that are important for health, people want to know the specifications and features of the types of bicycles before buying, my bike store provides you in this article with the difference between a hybrid and a mountain bike in terms of specifications Features and prices follow us.


The difference between a hybrid and a mountain bike

Mountain bike prices and specifications:

A mountain bike is intended for off-roading; This is because mountain bikes are more powerful and go in hilly areas where the bike has to be more upright while riding.

Mountain bike specifications

  • Mountain bikes are thicker than other types of bicycles.
  • Mountain bike bars are designed for better control and speed.
  • Mountain bikes are used in places and off-road areas such as logs, rocks, obstacles, and dirt trails.
  • Mountain bike tires are wider and rougher.
  • The tubes and rims are thicker than other bikes.
  • Off-road flat bars, cruise control.
  • Achieving much higher speeds than other bikes.

Advantages of mountain bikes

  • The frame is made of steel to withstand rugged and mountainous terrain.
  • Inside the bike, there is a front brake made of alloy, so that the bike has strength and rigidity.
  • The bike has brakes for the front and rear vertical pulls so that the rider can stop easily and safely.
  • The bike has rims made of metal and is very light in weight and durable.
  • Mountain bike tires are wide so they are suitable for off-roading.
  • The bike has mountain tires.

Mountain bike price

My bike store is the largest store specialized in selling mountain bikes at prices that suit everyone, despite the advantages of the bike. The prices are as follows:

  • Mountain bike at a price of 2180 Saudi riyals
  • Upland carbon fiber mountain bike, price 4700 Saudi riyals.
  • Upland Vanguard mountain bikes, priced at 1980 Saudi riyals.
  • Mountain bike X90 at a price of 1480.

Second: Hybrid bike prices and specifications

Hybrid bike specifications

  • The tires are wider than other bikes, between 28-32 cm and can reach 42 cm, so they give stability when walking.
  • The handlebars allow the rider to sit with a somewhat straight back, because the position of the bike is more upright, comfortable and safe.
  • The saddle in hybrid bikes is characterized by comfort when sitting and light weight aids.
  • The front and rear gears are usually 44 teeth, up to 48 teeth, the small ones reach 24, and the rear gears range from 34 to 11, compared to mountain bikes.
  • Front and rear chains with wheel guards to prevent road dirt from reaching the rider.

Advantages of hybrid bicycles

  • The bike has a steel chain and an aluminum front fork system.
  • One of the most important features of the bike is that it is made of high quality stainless steel.
  • The tires can handle easily and the gear changes should be nice and smooth.
  • The bike brake is perfect, foldable and easy to store in the corners of the apartment.
  • Bike handlebars are of high quality and density sponge.
  • The bike's transmission system is 24 speed with suspension and also complete front and rear.
  • The bike is stainless and has 24 speeds.
  • The frame of the hybrid bike features forward assists for easy control of the bikes on the trail.
  • The gears of the hybrid bike are wide and the bike chain is made of steel.

Hybrid bike price

My bike store offers you various types of hybrid bicycles, and the prices are as follows:

  • Carbon hybrid bicycle, priced at 2.980 Saudi riyals.
  • Hybrid bicycles X3 at a price of 2698 Saudi riyals
  • Cousin X3 hybrid bicycle, priced at 2698 Saudi riyals.
  • Sports bicycle from Cozon, at a price of 2698 Saudi riyals.

Hybrid bike prices

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