Bicycle prices in Riyadh and Saudi Arabia

أسعار السياكل في الرياض والسعودية - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية
  • 1. Prices of bicycles in Riyadh and Saudi Arabia
    • 1.1 Prices of bicycles in Riyadh
    • 1.2 Totem children's bicycle
    • 1.3 tricycles
    • 1.4 Single Sport Bike
    • 1.5 Road Cozon bicycle
    • 1.6 Frequently Asked Questions
      • 1.6.1 bike, size 16, how old are you?
      • 1.6.2 How old is a 20-inch bike?
      • 1.6.3 Does Darajati offer bicycles at a special price?
      • 1.6.4 Importance of cycling for children?
      • 1.6.5 When does a child learn to ride a bike?
The prices of bicycles in Riyadh are sought by a number of residents in the city of Riyadh, after the bicycle has become one of the most important means of transportation and entertainment in the recent period. That is why we get to know you about the prices of bicycles and the specifications of a number of them that are distinguished in this matter. Follow us.

Bicycle prices in Riyadh

There are a number of factors on which the price of bicycles in Riyadh depends, as the price of bicycles varies according to the type, brand, and other factors.
But if you are looking for a bike with the specifications you want and at the same time it is at a good price, my bike shop offers you a group of the best bikes at very reasonable prices for everyone.
The site also has everything related to bicycles, where you can buy a helmet , whether for children or adults, as well as gloves of various shapes, a mask to protect the face while driving, and other cycling tools at the best materials and prices.
In addition, you can buy comfort accessories through my bike store at a very special price, commensurate with the prices of bicycles in Riyadh.

Totem children's bicycle

Children's bicycle from Totem. Bicycle prices in Riyadh
One of the best children's bikes available on the My Bike website from Totem. The bike has a great and distinctive design that helps to walk in difficult places full of rocks.
The bike is also distinguished by the fact that the frame is made of light aluminum, which helps greatly in withstanding the shocks that the bike may be exposed to while children are riding. In addition to its light weight, it does not exceed 13 kg, to suit children, and its solid structure that bears a lot.
While the bike comes with a disc brake from Tektro, it ensures that you can stop the bike completely in case of need. Plus, a simple tap on the brake slows down the bike for some skillful riding.
The shifter is Shimano TZ with 8 speeds. The bike also has a front fork from SR Suntour M-3030, coil spring specially designed to absorb any shock that occurs to the bike.
The bike specifications are as follows:
  • Single speed prowheel crank.
  • Shimano TZ21, 14-28 gears work at an 8-speed gearbox.
  • The track is KMC Z
  • The mattress is also very comfortable as it is made of gel.
  • While the rim was made of aluminum, measuring 195*24.
If you are looking for the prices of bicycles in Riyadh, you can buy a children 's bicycle from Totem through the My Bike store at a great price of 860 Saudi riyals, and choose from the distinctive colors of the bicycle, black, blue, and coffee.


Tricycle bikes prices in Riyadh
My bike store offers a large number of different and distinctive bikes, and tricycles are one of the types available on the store.
As the bike is very practical and comfortable in movement and helps greatly in making movement easy. In addition, the bike has a front and rear basket, so it is very suitable for shopping use.
It is also suitable for elderly people due to its ease of driving and movement, and it can bear up to 130 kg. Where the frame of the bike is made of aluminum and there are no traces of wires, which makes the bike very light and attractive in appearance.
In addition, next to the front basket, there is a fork in the front. The bike also works with a single-speed front shifter from Shimano, and the rear shifter also comes from Shimano with a 7-speed gearbox.
The brakes are TekTro rim brakes. The weight of the bike is about 16.7 kg. The bike mattress is made of comfortable leather.
While the most important specifications of the bike are as follows:
  • Prowheel - PR-42T crankset
  • The gears operate at a rate of 7 speeds.
  • The track is KMC.
  • While the rim was made of aluminum, measuring 24 * 1/38.
If you are looking for the prices of bicycles in Riyadh , pneumatic three- wheelers available on my bike store at a much cheaper price than anywhere else, 1589 Saudi riyals, buy your bike from the store to get it to the door of the house.

Single sport bike

Single sport bike. Bicycle prices in Riyadh
Cycling has become an enjoyable sport practiced by everyone, young and old, and my bike store provides a number of bicycles that are used for sports purposes in order to strengthen muscles and improve body health.
Also, the Toytem single speed bike helps you in doing daily exercises. It has a very light aluminum frame of 10.4 kg and is very solid, along with an aluminum front fork.
Plus the handlebar comes from the totem as well as the handlebar link. The brakes are V brake & promax rim brakes. While the bike has a very comfortable mattress from Totem that can withstand long distances.
The maximum load is 120 kg, the rim totem is 700 x 28, and the kenda cover.
While the prices of bicycles in Riyadh on my bike store are competitive prices, and you can buy a single sports bike at a price of 998 Saudi riyals.
The bike is also available in four colors black, blue, orange and green. The bike is also available in three different sizes.

Rod Cozon bicycle

Rod Cozon bicycle
One of the featured bikes on my bike shop from Cozon, which features a unique design, completely hidden wires, and a very light aluminum frame to bear more.
Also, the welding is hidden to add to the bike a great look, in addition to the presence of an aluminum front fork that helps to protect against shocks. Shimano Claris bike shifters with 8 speeds.
As for the brakes, they are discs from Tektro that help you control the bike and the speed. The bike is very light in weight, not exceeding 9.7 kg. And a mattress that gives you more comfort is made of gel.
In addition, the most important specifications of the bike are as follows:
  • The crank is from Shimano.
  • Also, the gears are Shimano claris.
  • The rims are also from Cozon, and the tires are 700 x 25c.
  • Plus a Cozon handlebar and FSA hitch.
The prices of bicycles in Riyadh on my bike store are very special. You can buy a Road Coon bicycle at a price of 3105 Saudi riyals.
Here is the bike size chart to find the right size for your height.
Cozon size chart. Bicycle prices in Riyadh

common questions

Bicycle size 16, how old are you?

The size 16 in the bicycle is suitable for the age of 7 years.

Bike size 20 how old?

The size 20 bike is suitable for children from 8 to 12 years old.

Does my bike site offer bicycles at a special price?

The answer is yes, my bike website is keen to provide a group of bicycles from famous international brands of the highest quality and at a very special price. The store also offers different types of bicycles so that bicycles are within everyone’s reach.

The importance of cycling for children?

  • It increases and activates his mental capacity, and increases his intuition.
  • In addition, it strengthens the muscles.
  • It also improves blood circulation in the body.

When does a child learn to ride a bike?

A child can start learning to ride a bike from the age of 4.
With this, we got acquainted with the prices of bicycles in Riyadh, where Darajati store offers a group of very special bicycles, which are at a great price and affordable types. Therefore, if you or a family member want to buy a bike, my bike site is the perfect choice for you.


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