The best types of four-wheeled bikes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

أفضل أنواع الدراجات الأربع عجلات في المملكة العربية السعودية - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية
The best types of family bikes in Saudi Arabia
Have you ever imagined your own world of excitement and pleasure? It is possible to imagine this world while you are alone, so you love, travel and ride a bike! But what if you enter this world while you are with your family? We, in my bike shop , fulfill this vast dream of many dreamers with a spirit of adventure. , It is very nice to ride a bike with you and your family.

What is a family bike ?

The family bike was designed to have four wheels and eight suits, or 4, and one of its most important features is the imaginary shape that characterizes it, in addition to providing it with distinctive and safe tools and equipment for your children, and carrying all weights, you can enjoy a recreational trip with the family for a family of four or five, where he The father and mother drive the front handlebars, while their children help them on the rear handlebars, and even if your children are young, do not worry if you drive them, you will not feel tired, due to the light weight of the bike, and it is equipped with one speed.

Benefits of family cycling

In addition to the many health and psychological benefits that accrue to you when riding a bicycle, family cycling is one of the most beautiful experiences that you may go through in your life, and it benefits all family members:
Family bikes magically improve bike infrastructure and culture in your city.
It will allow you to easily transport the kids to the grocery stores and soccer fields.
Carrying tired school backpacks.
Kids learn how to ride bikes.
It spreads a new and important culture for society, which is to replace fuel with better means.

The best family bike store in Saudi Arabia

There are many stores available to sell this type of bike, which is family bikes, but it cannot be certain that everyone will be suitable for you, as your dependence on buying from a trusted store is the right step in choosing the perfect family bike. There are many new models, but we advise you By choosing Ashby, the leading company in the manufacture of family bicycles that have an ideal weight, you will not be involved in the intensity of driving a four-wheeled bike, you will feel as if you are driving a perfect bicycle for one rider, my bike store suggests to you a group of family bicycles that may suit you
and your family, do not hesitate to contact us.

The best family bikes

Ashby's bike from my bike shop
A four-wheel bike from the Ashby company. When you purchase this bike, you will be able to experience driving four bikes together in one. You can travel with it throughout the days of the week to explore your area and city that you are currently in, or choose destinations that you specify in advance in order to set up fun trips on public roads to enjoy In the open air, you can also explore areas with high buildings and dense residential complexes, which are usually in urban areas, or take a leisure trip with the family to explore scenic and green rural places that are quiet compared to urban places due to its simple and unique shape, this bike is A combination that was made with perfection and precision by merging four wheels that work in a very harmonious and natural manner, the developers were able to adopt the best parts needed for a perfect bike.

Features of family bikes from my bike store

Ashby Al-Masnaa supported family bicycles to suit all tastes and all families, and among its most important features:
A family bike with four wheels
They drive it in recreational places and on-road
Designed to handle heavy loads at high speed.
Equipped with special equipment and tools to be distinguished from the rest of the bikes of the same type.
When you want to improve your physical fitness and spend your walks with family in cities and countryside.
The bike comes with only one speed.
It features powerful drum-type brakes, which makes you control it with ease, especially when stopping suddenly.
The tires made for this bike enable the front and rear wheels to roll smoothly and homogeneously in its motion.
The four-wheeled bicycle comes with a 20-inch frame, which makes it suitable for many families.
The bike comes with two basic mattresses, the first in the front is designed for three people, and the other in the back is also available for three people. It also includes a small mattress in the front, intended for young children only.
They are designed with high quality, which allows them to be used for long periods, and therefore you do not need to change them because they live for the longest possible period.
Bicycles of all kinds have two basic advantages: they are a light and recreational means of transport, and they are suitable for all age groups and athletes. The four-wheeled family bike from my bike shop represents a category that is loved by many families, and in addition to our experience in the world of bicycles, we are Trust our products, including the family bike. For more family bikes, click here .


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