Best bike racks for my bike shop

أفضل أنواع حوامل الدراجات الهوائية في متجر دراجتي - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية

Bicycle holders

All of us who own bicycles go through different circumstances with the need to suspend our bike and for different reasons.
For example for storage, repair or a lot of other reasons.

Today, through our topic, we will present to you what we have available in terms of repair or display stands, with distinguished quality

The Best Types of Bicycle Mounts for My Bike Shop:

  • Eco work stand BuzzRack : This bicycle carrier is easy to use, practical and comfortable, so it is the perfect choice for hanging a bicycle due to its great rigidity and flexibility.

    It comes in iron metal, weighs 6.3 kg, has a distinctive black color with distinctive green, and is adjustable in height.
    It is recommended that you do not use a large rotational force to rotate the bike while it is on the stand, as it is suitable for adjusting and maintaining the bike in the event of stopping movement, and after you carry the bike on it through the crane.

    It is in my bike shop at a price of 240 Saudi riyals.
  • Bicycle holder for repair: From the well-known and prestigious company Totem, this holder comes with distinctive specifications and aluminum material that achieves light weight and great durability to suit its quality to fix the bike for repair and its most important additional uses:
    • A stabilizer used to adjust the speed variator or just support the bike or to repair it.
    • It is used to store bicycles.

You can start working by choosing the appropriate place, then straightening the stand and expanding it by holding it from the handle
The sides and pull it out automatically, ready to put your bike on it and start fixing it.
It is characterized by being able to carry various types of bicycles, so you will not have to buy a carrier
Specific to each type or each size.
In addition, it is supported by two main pillars connected to each other in one axis
Which allows the holder to fold and straighten whenever you want, so it is very convenient to start a process through
Fix and at the time of your choosing.

The price of this stand in my bike store is only 32.34 Saudi riyals.

In addition to other distinguished mounts:

  • Bicycle Wall Bracket: Its distinctive black color and strong, solid rubber make it suitable for use wherever you want and it is compatible with all mountain, hybrid and road bikes.

    It is characterized by strength and rigidity, and is easy to install and disassemble. Likewise, its size is suitable for carrying all sizes of bicycles perfectly.

    This mount allows you to hang your bike anywhere you want with confidence, as it is developed by Vegby
    leading which makes it worth buying because and class
    The first provides you with the suspension of various types of bicycles of all sizes, unlike many other
    Other mounts only accommodate certain measurements.

    Its price is 44 SAR.
  • Multiple Protective Bike Carrier: This carrier is made of polyester
    It is made of PVC and has a wonderful gray color and fits most of the capacity of transport trucks.
    It consists of durable belts designed to securely adjust and maintain bicycles
    When transported and packaged as small as possible it is most important

    Its additional specifications are that it is suitable for all door shapes, even curved, which makes it usable for all types and in a way that helps
    Save all parts of the bike during transportation and do not cause damage to any part of it as in the following picture:

    Available in my bike store at a price of 450 riyals.
  • Bicycle Wall Stand: Despite its light weight, which is 1.7 kg, it can bear up to 25 kg.
    road. When using this stand, it is necessary to choose a place sufficient to accommodate your bike, according to its size, size, or size
    Leave plenty of space to accommodate different users in your home

    And through it, the bike is suspended from its arranged installation pole. Of course, the size of the shaft is
    Almost the same on all types of bikes.

    The price of a bicycle wall stand of this type is 187 SAR.

in conclusion:

Of course , My Bike Store provides its customers with all kinds of bicycle mounts, with high quality and craftsmanship
worthy of trust. As our goal in our store is to gain the trust of our customer and guide him in order to buy the most suitable for him.

We always promise to provide you with everything new regarding bicycle stands and other important accessories for your bike.

We thank you for your follow-up, and we hope that we have succeeded in providing you with important information about what is in our store
Types of bicycle carriers


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