The best bike speedometer

عداد سرعة
The bike computer gives you insight into your performance and improves it. These little gadgets are probably the only electrical appliances you'll want to carry around with you
Whether you're training as a recreational cyclist for your first 100-mile race, or training professionally 6 days a week

The bike computer and its great functionality

Computer - Speedometers most cyclists use to judge their race speed or mileage if they attempt to cover a certain distance
Bicycle computers typically feature a display on the handlebars and a sensor on the front fork to calculate speed and distance
They come in many forms, from simply wired speedometers to advanced wireless data trackers with GPS and other functions.

Computer - speedometers

Brief history

 Computers - Bicycle speedometers, and Cycle Computers have been around since 1895 when inventor Curtis Vedder built the first mechanical device that measured the rotation of a wheel bicycle

Since then, circuit computers have evolved greatly and are now equipped with digital displays that provide a variety of statistics including speed, distance traveled and cadence

Let's get acquainted with one of the best computer - bicycle speedometers

MEILAN GPS core bicycle computer M1 speed
Whether you're participating in competition training, daily fitness, or just want to get a sense of the distance traveled on your weekend commute
Then the MEILAN GPS core bicycle computer M1 – speed is the right choice

Its advantages

It has a 2.6-inch high definition dot matrix display.
white backlight -
Anti-glare technology -
visible from all angles in the sun -
Built-in high-precision global position system chip -
BLE4.0 / ANT + technology can be connected to a wireless speed / cadence sensor / heart rate monitor / power meter
Real-time navigation anytime and anywhere around the world -
Driving data can be saved and uploaded to sports websites: STRAVA / KOMOOT -
More than 50 kinds of data can be displayed: altitude, barometric pressure, distance, cadence, heart rate, energy, etc.
Pages can also be zoomed in or out freely. Up to 50 types of data options can be selected -
Wide data display: elevation, cumulative elevation, slope, VAM , elevation map

Other practical features such as training and competition management

Support for storing information about two bikes -

Convenient functions such as auto-stop, auto-lap, etc.

Multi-language display support -

In addition to

1200mAh battery, can last 25 hours without backlight

to set

Colour : black

Water resistance quality: IPX6

Item size: 90 * 49 * 13mm / 3.5 * 1.9 * 0.5in

Item Weight: 80g

Package size: 110 * 69 * 23mm / 4.3 * 2.7 * 0.9in

Package weight: 100 grams


1 x bicycle speedometer

In conclusion , it is necessary to emphasize the need to choose a computer - the appropriate speedometer , which will help us judge the speed during the match or other times, and thus work to improve our performance.


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