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It is no longer impossible for a woman to use a bicycle, but rather she has the same advantages that a man enjoys when riding different types of bicycles, and thanks to the definition of the women’s bicycle to the world to the American activist Elizabeth Keady Stanton, where she recorded her first experience in 1865, and she said that the bicycle It was a tool for stimulating women to gain power and to assume increasing roles in society, as her friend Susan Anthony said in 1896: “Let me tell you what I think of cycling. I think it has done more to liberate women than anything else in the world. I get happy every time I see a woman riding a bike.”

The importance of women's cycling

Riding a bicycle is defined as a low-intensity aerobic exercise, which includes several benefits, the most important of which is the contribution to increasing the physical activity of the person, in addition to being a sport, and the importance of bicycles for women is of the same importance for men, as cycling is known as an excellent physical activity that helps you protect From serious diseases such as cancer, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and other health problems that people who do not exercise may suffer from, add to that the freedom of experimentation that you have in the open air with a group of your friends, as it is in the general sense that it is of health and social importance for girls At once, and about the most important health benefits.

Types of bicycles for girls

Of course, the use of women's bicycles has become very common, and conservative societies seek to spread more awareness about the use of women's bicycles not only for entertainment and fun, but also for daily use such as shopping and family visits. Many of the world's leading companies in the production of bicycles customize certain types that suit girls According to the difference in physical composition in terms of length and weight, and hybrid bikes are considered the best in terms of shape and design, and in the end, determining the use is what determines the type of bicycle that is suitable for you. Also, choosing the best bike store for women’s bikes is the best way to determine whether or not the bike is suitable, Many girls are looking for the best women's bicycle store, and the best types, and this is what we will offer you through my bicycle store

My bike shop

How do I choose the right women's bike?

Few categories of bicycles have undergone greater transformations in the past twelve years than women's bicycles, as the shape and design were completely different when they were first introduced, My Bike Store includes a large variety of bicycles that may suit your needs
Where girls bikes are characterized by the following
Their distinctive colors, especially many of them pink
The tires are smaller
Rotating frames with shorter top tubes to accommodate the average female body's tendency toward longer legs and a shorter torso
Primarily connection points like the crossbar, handles, and saddle—for the intended sex. T
Most women's mountain bikes also come with a fork and shock that are tuned for lighter riders.
City bikes are often offered as step-up and step-up models, the latter being aimed at women.

The best types of women's bicycles

My bike store offers you a variety of the best types of women's bicycles suitable for you, as we are always keen to apply the best standards of quality and safety.

My bike shop

1/ Tiffany Crystal Women's Bike

When issuing this type of bicycle, the designers were keen to make it distinctive for the modern girl, and all safety and quality standards were taken into account through the many features that characterize this Tiffany crystal, including:
Structured, symmetrical construction to match modern cycling demands.
It takes into account women's tastes and partial differences with men's bikes
Like the distance between the saddle and the handlebar (scale), it is relatively short.
Adding the front end of the bike is designed to be relatively higher
A comfortable bike seat that gives you an excellent riding experience when you ride this bike, especially on recreational trips and other different driving places.
It makes you feel physically and psychologically comfortable due to the vital processes resulting from stimulating the muscles and lungs, thanks to inhaling the open air.
The seat has an additional double cover with memory foam for maximum comfort and this cover is resistant to different weather conditions such as heat, cold and rain.
Supported by front basket and rear seat.

2/ Pink Crystal Women's Bicycle

In the recent period, several different models of Crystal Twins have appeared and have undergone major modifications so that their shape is commensurate with the tastes of women, especially with the advent of modern supplies and equipment such as the front basket and the back seat. You can use the front basket to carry light items. It is a modern bike that gives you distinction, and go For shopping from shops, it is characterized by a large number of features, including:
This bike contains mudguards (flaps), which aims to prevent mud and volatile liquids resulting from the friction process between the bike tires and the surface while driving, and thus you maintain your wonderful look.
The overall structure is made of aluminium.
Aluminum was chosen to manufacture the general structure of the women's bicycle, because of its industrial characteristics compared to the rest of the manufacturing materials used in the manufacture of bicycles. This bicycle has light weight, durability and solidity.

3/ Pink Crystal Women's Bike
Madam, the Crystal sports bike is suitable for a person from 147 to 170 cm tall, to perform exercise in the city
It is manufactured to withstand all terrains, as it is a light and streamlined bike
It is characterized by speed in movement, equipped with 7 speeds to control the movement of torque and control the exerted effort
Riding a bike is a fun way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay connected to those around you, for more types and prices visit my bike shop.

The priority of cycling is no longer a limited option like the priority of horseback riding when visiting the Egyptian pyramids. Are you still waiting to go to the pyramids, or do you have to experience the wonderful cycling experience from my bike? Are you ready to experience it?


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