Types of bicycles and the most important thing you need to know about them

أنواع الدراجات الهوائية وأهم ما عليك معرفته عنها - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية

Types of bicycles and the use of each

The manufacture of one product has always been different, and the methods of using it have varied, and its price has also varied according to its quality and type

As for our topic today, the types of bicycles differ according to their components and method of manufacture.

Where the specifications and prices vary due to the different materials that go into its manufacture, for example, the amount of steel or aluminum and other materials

The way the bicycle is designed greatly affects the price. In addition, bicycles differ in their capabilities

This is what we will talk about in our topic today

Types of bicycles according to the purpose of their use:

  • Bicycles for driving pleasure: These bicycles are of simple styles in design. You also enjoy comfort while driving
    Especially with regard to the riding seat and pedals, such as the bicycles that are called road bikes
    Any intended for driving on normal roads
  • Touring bicycles: These bicycles are used for long trips that require certain specifications
    For example strength, durability and comfort in handling
  • Of course, there are so-called off-road bikes: these bikes are characterized by their steel design as well as wide tires
    In order to ensure easier driving on difficult roads such as snow, mud or slopes
    The most important examples are mountain bikes
  • Racing bikes: These bikes are characterized by their light metal design that facilitates movement
    It also achieves its stability on racing roads, and in addition to that, it is able to respond quickly to its rider
  • Air bikes for dirt or gravel roads and contain the most important part of special type tires resistant to puncture
    Or damage, to ensure optimal driving on such harsh roads, the most important example of which is the hybrid bike

Types of bicycles according to their specifications:

  • Long-distance trekker bike: This bike must be of a suitable and good weight to support the weight of the rider for a long time
    And also to carry the various purposes that the passenger needs during his trip, and of course, the choice can be diversified with regard to its tires or the number of gears
    So are pregnant women.
  • Road bikes: What is meant by their name is that they are used for driving on various dirt roads, and they are characterized by a suitable weight to carry them
    As its passenger may have to carry it, transfer it a short distance, and then ride it again

    These bicycles can be distinguished by the fact that they may have a drop handlebar and clear-width tires
    To find out the most important information about our road bikes, you can go to our road bikes section
  • Sports bikes: These bikes have special specifications for athletes, that is, they are intended for exercising and strengthening muscles
    As it is often with harsh movements and pedals intended to exert additional effort while driving
  • Mountain bike: This bike is made to be mainly intended for every off-road. As it is stable and durable
    It achieves the purpose of its manufacture, which is to make driving easier on rugged and unpaved roads, as well as slopes, as it makes it easier for its riders to move and ensure that those roads pass smoothly and absorb shocks.

    One of its most important features is that it has flat wheels, as well as many knobby tires
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  • Hybrid bicycle: It is suitable for different types of driving and various roads, as it is characterized by light weight like a road bike and strong and wide wheels like mountain bikes, which makes it suitable for many
    Some of them are distinguished by their high and wide seat, which achieves comfortable seating for the passenger, as well as ease of seeing what is around him better

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Other types available in my bike store:

  • One of the most important special types of bicycles is the so-called work bike or driving in the city, as it is characterized by being very useful
    Clean and environmentally friendly components, as well as a special light for night vision, as well as a design that does not harm clothes when riding
    The most important examples are the bicycle of the postman, distributor of newspapers and magazines, or delivery workers
  • Children's bicycles: Such bicycles are suitable for children to ride, as the seat height changes, suitable for different ages
    As well as the ergonomic seat industry. Likewise, the comfortable handles and the small extra wheels

  • Folding bicycle: such a bicycle is simple in design, lightweight, portable and foldable
    It does not require a wide place to park it, as well as it is used in city roads, and it is not recommended to use it for long distances
  • Women's bikes: It has specifications suitable for women, such as the short handle length, because women's shoulders are narrower than men's
    Likewise, the high chair, according to the woman's body in general, which is less than the size of the man's body. Likewise with regard to the ease of movement of the pedals

    Of course, through our store, you can find out the prices of women's bicycles
  • Cargo bikes: Although you may not find them much, these bikes are characterized by the presence of a large rear box suitable for transporting various purposes
    It is also characterized by its stability and good wheel width.

In my bike store, you can find various types of bikes, the most famous ones, at great prices and with great quality, which will make you the perfect choice
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