Types of bicycles and the most important information about them

أنواع الدراجات وأهم المعلومات عنها - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية

Bicycles are one of the most important means of modern transportation in the world, and they have been used since the nineteenth century until now. The advantage of bicycles is limited to being a light and clean means of transportation used by thousands around the world, but they are also used for exercise and recreation in addition to being a game suitable for children. The number of bicycles in the world is estimated at about one billion bicycles, to rank first among all means of transportation.

types of bicycles

It is not possible to imagine the negative consequences of the lack of bicycles in our societies. Certainly the surrounding environment will be affected by a lot of fumes due to the pollution resulting from car exhausts, in addition to the bad psychological state that your child will face, because his bicycle is not in the garden. The inventor of the bicycle was right when It provided the world with a safe, fast and enjoyable means of transportation as well. The invention of the first bicycle dates back to the year 1790 and was very simple as it was made of a wooden beam connected to two wheels. This is a list of the main types and styles of bikes you are likely to find in our store , along with a brief description of their use and suitability.

Let's start with the most common types of bikes that you should consider first when buying a new bike from my bike shop , as it is likely that one of the five types of bikes will perfectly suit your needs. Learn more about its properties and uses.

Children's bikes

Children's bicycles are one of the most important types of bicycles that everyone is looking for. If you want, dear father, to buy a bicycle for your child, you must know some of its characteristics
  • Children's cycling can begin at the age of two
  • Wheels for children's bikes range from 12 to 24 inches
  • Larger tires can be used for children between the ages of 10 and 13
  • He loves being on a 12 inch balance bike
  • Bicycles with gears are offered from the age of five
  • High-quality pedalless children's bikes can cost more than $100 (balance bikes).


    mountain bikes

    Mountain bikes are one of the most common types of bikes, suitable for lovers of fun adventures between the mountains and in the desert, designed to cross forests and rugged and mountainous terrain, bikes were produced in 1981 and throughout the nineties and the second millennium, mountain biking ranged from being an unknown sport to a general sports habit among everyone.

    Road bikes

    It is the most famous among all types of bikes, and it is a distinctive bike, which focuses on comfort, elegance, and the ability to afford the costs of purchasing and maintaining it. It comes with a classic simple appearance, and it also has good mechanical performance. Compared to mountain bikes and racing bikes who focus on strong performance, we find that a road bike is suitable Exactly for scientific life and highways, you can shop for all your household supplies from the nearby mover with this bike if the road contains a bicycle safety regulation

    City bikes

    City bikes , or “ cruisers ,” are city bikes that combine agility, ride comfort, and eye-catching design… featuring the following

    • Cruiser bikes go big, so they have to be built with sheer strength, reliability and no chance of breaking
    • The cruiser features an enlarged frame, wide saddle, and high handlebar.
    • This bike has high stability on the road and a comfortable fit
    • Bikes roll better on city streets and are usually fully equipped.

    • But it also won't disappoint you on busy forest roads

    Hybrid bikes

    Can you imagine if the world was without a hybrid bike ?
    Bicycle manufacturing companies have succeeded in adopting the concept of “hybrid” bicycle manufacturing as well. What is meant by a hybrid bicycle is a bicycle that combines the specifications of a road bike and a mountain bike, to be able to meet various uses and walk on terrain.
    Hybrid bikes have recently met with great demand by young people and adults, and the number of their users has increased in an unprecedented way, especially in the Arab market. Hybrid bikes combine the classic distinctive shape of city bikes with the strength and durability of mountain bikes, and are considered one of the most convenient bikes. For the Saudi market, as it provides comfort and efficiency in the desert and the streets alike, one of the most important characteristics of the hybrid bikes available to us in my bike

    • The hybrid bike has 21-27 cogs and 28-inch wheels that are approximately 35mm wide.
    • The larger wheel diameter is a definite advantage, allowing for greater speeds and reducing rolling resistance.
    • People may confuse a hybrid bike with a road bike, which combines some of the characteristics of mountain bikes, such as the thickness of the frame, as well as some of the characteristics of a road bike, such as light weight.
    • The best types of hybrid bicycles are distinguished by the seat that keeps the back straight while riding the bike and thus reduces back pain caused by driving for long periods.

    It is suitable for everyday use for those who want to walk on and off-road roads with irregular terrain,
    It is preferred by people who do not use the bicycle regularly

    The use of bicycles has become of the utmost importance, in order to save time, effort, and money, and just as governments are working to save energy by limiting the use of harmful means such as gasoline, everyone must change his eternal idea of ​​​​using a bicycle. My bike shop works with you to provide the appropriate bicycles with the highest Quality and safety standards and the lowest prices


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