The damage of riding a bicycle and does it cause impotence for men?

اضرار ركوب الدراجة الهوائية وهل تسبب الضعف الجنسي للرجال؟ - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية
The damages of riding a bicycle are one of the most ignorant things that many people do, given that a large proportion of people use it, and it is considered a means of transportation and a common sports machine. But do the harms of riding a bicycle outweigh the benefits? Continue reading through the My Bike website for bicycles to know the damages of a bicycle, in addition to reviewing the most important methods to avoid its damages.

Benefits of riding a bicycle

Before getting to know the harms of riding a bicycle, we will convey to you 4 benefits that a bicycle user can gain in general, namely:

Excess weight loss

Because riding a bicycle helps its user to burn a good rate of fat and excess calories in the body. The burning rate per hour may reach 600 calories, according to the high resistance.
Strengthening the muscles of the heart
Because riding a bike and activating high resistance through it helps to increase the heartbeat and facilitate the process of pumping blood and oxygen reaching all other organs. In addition, they help:
  • Enhance memory power.
  • Improve bad mood.
  • Fall asleep faster (in cases of insomnia).
  • Increase body energy.
  • Reduce the level of stress.

Doing a safe exercise for the body

It is worth noting that while using a bicycle for the purpose of exercising, consider the dangerous external factors, and choose the appropriate time for that. For example (avoid riding a bike on cold days, and very hot days by keeping track of weather conditions above all else).

Strengthening the muscles of the thighs and legs

Many resort to gyms to practice resistance exercises and strengthen the muscles of the body, especially the muscles of the legs, thighs, and shoulders. This is what the use of a bicycle leads to due to the high resistance that the driver acquires as a result of riding it.

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Disadvantages of riding a bicycle
Although there are sports benefits gained from it, the damages of the bicycle outweigh its benefits in many matters as well. Which may not be overlooked and underestimated and the most common damage is

Possible neck injury

It is one of the most dangerous side effects of cycling. This type of injury occurs as a result of excessive stress while riding a bicycle with insufficient flexibility in the upper body of the rider. In addition to not adapting to the situation. In this case, a muscle spasm occurs that may reach the back.

The limited effectiveness of the harms of riding a bicycle

The bicycle can help lose weight, but the calories a person loses through it are very few compared to other sports devices. For example (a person can lose 280 calories through it, and lose another 400 through the treadmill in the same period).

Possibility of hand injury

Many cyclists experience severe hand pain. Because the "ulnar nerve" in the hand is irritated by the driver's maintenance of fixing the bicycle handlebar in one direction for a long time, which leads to pain in the pinky and ring fingers.

Feeling bored from the damage of the bicycle

Because the cyclist often focuses on the driving position while going to his destination to avoid the surrounding dangers. As a result, the driver is forced to miss the natural scenery and the fun of the road in order to preserve his personal safety.

arm injuries

It is a rare bicycle damage, but we cannot ignore its possibility. It usually affects people who ride downhill bikes. This pain occurs in the front arm at the lap area.

Feeling pain in the feet

The cyclist often feels pain in the lower feet area as a result of using the bicycle pedals with extreme pressure and high resistance, especially when not wearing suitable and comfortable sports shoes.

A skin rash is a side effect of riding a bicycle

Rash is one of the most common damages caused by riding a bicycle, because the rider is exposed to physical friction between the man and the cotton clothes in particular. Which leads to the appearance of a rash, and its spread to all areas exposed to sweating.

Damage to the knees and leg muscles

When the driver switches quickly, this leads in the short term to the occurrence of wounds in the area of ​​the legs and thighs as a result of the intensity of friction, and the decrease in the flexibility of the body. These wounds can also be accompanied by severe pain and a feeling of stiffness while getting up and sitting down.

Low blood pressure and sugar level in the body

Cyclists usually experience a drop in sugar levels and a drop in blood pressure as a result of resistance exercises that lead to this, especially when they do not eat a balanced meal first of all. For example (fruits, vegetables, and protein- rich foods).

The most prominent ways to avoid the damages of riding a bicycle

It is worth noting, after clarifying the damages of riding a bicycle, that there are general safety rules through which one can avoid exposure to any damage from riding a bicycle. These rules are:
  1. Fans of riding bicycles for pleasure and practicing healthy exercises must first resort to a fitness professional to learn the correct sitting method and appropriate postures before starting the exercise.
  2. You should also start exercising gradually, and avoid exercising that needs high softness directly, because it exceeds the person’s physical ability.
  3. It is very important to take a break when feeling tired, or pain in one of the muscles of the body to be able to breathe, and to regain physical energy again before resuming the exercise.
  4. It is also assumed that patients with “heart, diabetes, and pressure” should consult a doctor before practicing any exercise. Because low sugar level, low blood pressure, and the occurrence of sudden heart problems are among the most prominent damages of riding a bicycle.

Frequently asked questions about the harms of riding a bicycle

Is riding a bicycle daily harmful?

No, on the contrary, where fitness experts recommend both sexes to practice cycling daily for 30 minutes, while avoiding road hazards and taking the necessary precautions that we mentioned above so that they do not suffer from any of the damages of riding a bicycle.

Does riding a bike affect the prostate?

According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, men who ride bicycles for 9 hours per day are 5 times more likely to develop prostate cancer than men who do not like to ride.

Does riding a bike affect the knee?

No, on the contrary, because riding a bicycle is useful in increasing physical fitness, strengthening the muscles of the foot and the knee due to the moderate pressure on the knee muscles. While the driver changes very quickly, especially when there is a physique.

Does riding a bicycle strengthen the muscles?

Yes, riding a bicycle helps to enhance and improve blood circulation in the body, which leads to an increase in the strength of the muscles of the body, and makes them more consistent and enduring.

Does riding a calf affect cartilage?

According to fitness experts, muscles, cycling does not affect cartilage. Quite the contrary, it helps patients with rough joints, knees, and cartilage patients to increase the softness of the joints, and raise the percentage of flexibility and physical fitness.

Does a stationary bike replace walking?

Riding a bicycle leads to multiple physical benefits that can be similar to the benefits of walking in terms of relieving pressure on the joints, increasing the level of energy in the body, and obtaining physical fitness.
In conclusion, we hope that we have entertained you with our topic, and provided you through it with the required benefit in everything you are looking for about the damages of riding a bicycle, and methods of avoiding these damages. In addition to clarifying its most prominent benefits as well. And to inquire about any side information on the other hand, you can share your questions with us in the comments.


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