The best types of bicycles and the advantages of each

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The best types of bicycles, bicycles are one of the types of enjoyable and preferred sports for many individuals, whether women or men, and it is a means of transporting it from one place to another as it is used in racing and safari, so let us explain in this article the best types of bicycles, follow us.

The best types of bicycles

My bike store offers you the best types of bicycles of international brands that are indisputable by two, and the best types of bicycles are as follows:

Road bikes, hybrid bikes, mountain bikes, women's bikes, children's bikes, family bikes, three-wheeled bikes, classic bikes.

Each type of this bike has different types and sizes, at prices that suit everyone and are within reach. Let us get to know the advantages of each type separately as follows:

Road bikes

This bike is one of the best types of bicycles because it contains a lot of features for an easy ride, and the features of the bike are as follows:

  • The bike is made of steel.
  • It has vertical front and rear brakes.
  • It includes many safety devices.
  • The bike comes with 2.3 inch tires, and there is a suitable sports seat.
  • The price of this bike ranges between 8,280 and 5,8960 Saudi riyals.

Bike specifications

  • The brake type of the bike is disc brake.
  • Number of wheels 2
  • Wheel Color: Available in more than one color and size.
  • Multiple speeds
  • Road bike type
  • Frame material is stainless steel

Mountain bikes are the best types of bicycles

This bike is the most powerful bike for mountainous areas. This is because it contains tools that help to adapt to the environment, and it also includes many features such as the following:

  • The bike has disc brakes.
  • The bike's tires are made of metal so that the rider can ride safely.
  • The weight of the bike is light despite its durability, and the bike weighs 15 kilograms.
  • The bike has a 21-speed Shimano Tourney transmission and front assists.
  • Mountain bike from Kuzen, size 20 inch.
  • There are many sizes of this bike.
  • It is durable, lightweight and easy to use.

Bike specifications

  • Six-wheel drive bike.
  • Front and rear brakes are able to stop and safe.
  • 26 inch mountain bike from Land Rover.
  • The bike is available in black, disc brake, rust resistant, lightweight 18″, mountain bike type.
  • Folding bike.
  • This bike is suitable for touring and racing; Because the bike is comfortable, made of foam, and rust-resistant, and has a double-spring seat, it is suitable for riding on flat terrain.

Hybrid bikes

This bike includes many features, which made it one of the most important types of bicycles, and the bike was manufactured from modern technological means, and among the most prominent features of the bike are the following:

  • The bike is of small size.
  • It has its own suspension system.
  • The bike has Shimano gears and disc brakes.
  • The driver can also adjust the seat according to the position that suits him.

Bike specifications

  • Made of aluminium.
  • Rust resistant.
  • Size 26 and transmission made of steel.
  • Comfortable leather seat.
  • Comfortable and durable suits.

Classic bikes

This bike is one of the best types of bikes because it is suitable for sports and trekking. It is lightweight, can be folded and placed inside the car, easy to use and suitable for off-roading.

Bike specifications

  • The bike has a steel frame.
  • It has brakes that are perfect for riding on bumpy roads.
  • Folding, mountain bike type so suitable for mountain terrain.
  • It is available in many colors to suit different tastes.

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