The best sport for burning fat by bicycle

افضل رياضة لحرق الدهون عن طريق الدراجة الهوائية - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية
The best sport for burning fat easily is riding a bicycle due to the significant physical effort that accompanies it. In addition to the feeling of pleasure, and the difference while practicing it. And we will learn in detail in the lines of our topic today, through the My Bike website for bicycles, the most important information about the best fat-burning sport. Continue reading for all the details.

Bicycling sport

Bicycling is the best sport for burning fat and calories at the present time, as it falls under the “cardio” sports, that is, resistance that enhances the rate of burning calories in the body in a faster manner.
In addition, we can say for sure that it is a suitable sport for different health problems. For example (joint pain, back pain, knee stiffness, obesity), and other problems. It is characterized by its ability to burn fat and revitalize the body without negatively affecting these muscular and health problems.
On the other hand, the sport of cycling has been classified as good because of its multiple physical and health benefits. This is what we will explain to the reader in detail in the next paragraph.

The best sport for burning fat is cycling

There are many benefits that make cycling the best sport for burning fat in different aspects. Here are the most prominent of these benefits:

Riding a bicycle helps burn belly fat

Because the method of resistance through which it is practiced helps the heart to pump more oxygen into the body, which leads to the secretion of the fat-burning hormone. Thus, the hormone helps the body get rid of excess fat, especially in the abdominal area, and get a noticeable result after alternate exercise.

Riding a bike is also good for building muscles

Although riding a bicycle is classified as the best sport for burning fat, it also works to build healthy muscles in the body in people whose bodies constitute a higher percentage of fat than muscle. As for those who are the opposite, they can burn a higher percentage of fat and calories.

Riding a bike also helps in losing weight

As a result of what we mentioned above about the secretion of the fat-burning hormone, riding a bike helps to lose weight significantly and healthy. This is in addition to following a calorie-free diet suitable for the mental and physical condition of the body, and most of all, a healthy sleep for a sufficient number of hours.

Upland Vanguard fat burning mountain bike

Upland Vanguard mountain bike is the best fat burning sport

This bike comes as one of the best types of mountain bikes for fat burning. If you are a fan of discovery and walking in the middle of difficult mountainous terrain, this bike is a suitable choice for you and it is the best sport for fat burning.

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As for the crank, it is a prowheel with three speeds, and the gears are designed to suit the mountain nature, and they are from Shimano 9-speed, as well as the chain from Shimano KMC.
That is why if you want to go on adventures in the midst of stunning terrain and nature, you can buy an Upland Vanguard fat-burning bike from my bike store at a price of 1980 Saudi riyals. Here's a bike sizing chart to see what's right for your height:
Upland bike size chart The best fat burning exercise

The effect of cycling on diet

Riding a bicycle also benefits its fans, in addition to burning fat, as it is compatible with any diet followed, but it is necessary to focus above all on determining a specific period of time to practice cycling. For example (exercise for half an hour a day to burn more calories than daily food calories).
This is in the event of obesity and a high percentage of fat. As for the desire to reduce calories to a small degree, attention can be paid to healthy habits and food control so that the individual can replace harmful foods with healthy ones. As a result, the effect of cycling becomes better on the diet.
It is worth noting that there are many people who resort to cycling exercise in order to burn body fat and rumen without following a specific diet, and this method cannot have a good effect on the individual compared to following a diet, and it is not recommended by physical health experts either.

Bicycling how much fat burn?

There are a large number of questions about the amount of fat that cycling exercise can burn due to the suffering of many people with obesity and hardened fats in different areas of the body.
And because cycling is the best sport for burning fat without making a lethal effort, we can answer them thus: "Bicycle riding exercise burns calories ranging between 400 and 1000 calories per hour."
But as we mentioned to you previously, it is not possible to completely rely on the sport of riding a bicycle without regulating a certain period of time, and exercising it daily in rotation, in addition to following a calorie-free diet, or its calories are less than the calories that are burned through exercise.

The difference between riding a bike and walking in burning fat

After identifying the factors that consider riding a bike as the best sport for burning fat in terms of its benefits and its impact on many things, we will take you to know the difference between walking and riding a bike in burning fat through the following table:

difference factor

bicycle riding


Scientific studies conducted by the National Institute of Global Health

● According to studies from the Institute of Health, cycling is the best sport for burning fat.

● Cyclists on a daily basis for a specific time are able to burn more body fat.

● According to other studies, riding a bicycle has the most effect on burning bone marrow fat.

● Riding a bicycle is useful in losing weight and increasing the rate of building healthy muscles in the body.

● Compared to riding a bicycle, walking has less effect on burning fat.

● Walkers can also burn fat at a good rate, but less than cycling results.

● The same study indicated that walking and running are associated with a lesser effect on burning bone marrow fat than cycling.

● On the other hand, walking helps burn calories while maintaining bone density as it is.

Calories burned in 30 minutes

● Riding a light bike burns (240 calories).

● High-intensity cycling burns (357 calories).

● Slow walking burns (154 calories).

● Moderate walking burns (179 calories).

● Brisk walking also burns (250 calories).

Frequently asked questions about the best fat burning sport

What are the sports that help burn belly fat?

  • Bicycling sport.
  • running.
  • Brisk walking.
  • rowing.
  • swimming.

Doing resistance exercises for ten minutes, how much fat burns?

Resistance exercises are currently known as "cardio" exercises that help burn fat and build muscle. And when you practice it daily for ten minutes, this leads to burning 500 calories.

Does riding a bicycle lose weight?

The answer is yes, when you practice riding a bicycle daily, it helps to burn fat and extra calories in addition to losing the body, and in large quantities as well, and most of all in short, it is to practice it for at least an hour a day.

Does the bicycle help in slimming the thighs?

We cannot be certain that it will help slim the thighs, but all that can be said is that riding a bicycle alternately daily helps in losing weight and burning fat in all areas of the body. As for slimming the thighs only, there are exercises dedicated to that, away from the bicycle.

Is riding a bicycle daily harmful?

The answer is no, but we are always told by fitness experts, and their recommendation to practice cycling for at least half an hour to replenish the body's energy, and reap multiple physical benefits as a result.
In conclusion, we hope that you have had an enjoyable reading, in addition to benefiting from all the paragraphs that we have explained to you about the best sport for burning fat, and the effect of cycling on body fat and muscles. We are fully prepared to receive any questions you have in mind about this topic, and you can share them with us in the comments


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