The best sports bike brands

افضل ماركات الدراجات الرياضية - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية

The best brands of sports bikes that a large number of cycling enthusiasts are interested in in the Arab world, as my bicycle store is full of sports bikes belonging to major international brands that are very popular in the Arab world, so follow us on a quick tour to find out more details.

The best sports bike brands

As for the best sports bike brands, they are as follows: –

Cozon mark

The Cozon brand is famous for providing the most famous and best types of hybrid bikes and mountain bikes as well as classic road bikes, and it was its first appearance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where it was specially designed to suit the on- and off-road roads there.

In addition, the company provides several designs that suit different ages, and there are also models for women, as the company wants to enable customers to rely on them in daily use or travel through off-road as well as races.

We find the most prominent of these models that are available through the store is the Cozon X3E black hybrid bicycle , which comes at a price of 2698 riyals, and we also find a long-travel bicycle Cozon LAncer bicycle touring GRAVEL that comes at a price of 2865 riyals.

Upland sign

Upland takes different directions in bicycle design. In order to satisfy all tastes, but at the same time it cares about perfect performance and manufacturing quality in addition to the distinctive exterior design, as it takes into account the international standards used in the bicycle industry, whether suitable for mountain roads or hybrids.

For example, we find the most prominent models available through the My Bike website, and the Upland brand follows the UPLAND LS390 BLACK sports bike, which comes at a price of 1383 riyals instead of 1870 riyals for a limited time, and it also offers the Road Hawk 200 upland bicycle Road Upland Hawk 200 , which comes at a price of 2252 riyals.

Dido bike

The famous Dido brand presented a wide variety of the best types of bicycles and scooters that suit the aspirations of users in the countries of the Arab world. It has created electric bikes that provide the best driving performance, and has been keen to provide classic cars suitable for children.

He found, for example, that it provides wide shock-absorbing tires that are suitable for mountain roads, and it is also possible to control the level of speed and seat height, in addition to the distinctive exterior design . Instead of 1498 riyals only for a limited time.

Totem mark

The Totem brand is distinguished for being the best sports bike brand, as the company was able, within a short time, to achieve a wide spread in various Arab countries. This is by meeting the needs of the market by providing bicycles that combine strength, durability, attractive exterior design, as well as various multi-use models.

And its fame doubled when it designed some bicycles suitable for girls that come with more delicate and feminine designs. For example, we find a pink crystal women's bicycle, which costs 1380 riyals, and we also find a classic hybrid bicycle from Totem , which costs 998 riyals.

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What are the best types of bicycles?

As for the best types of bicycles, they are as follows: –

Road Bike

  • Road bikes are lightweight, suitable for paved or dirt roads, and can be ridden at various speeds.
  • It relies on rather thin frames and is often made of aluminum; For easy switching while driving.
  • We find the most popular types available on the Darajati website for bicycles is the Carbon Frame Road Bicycle .

Hybrid bikes

  • Hybrid bicycles have become among the latest types of bicycles that have spread recently. This is due to its ability to combine the advantages of mountain bikes and road bikes.
  • As for the exterior design, we find it very similar to road bikes, but it has wide tires and at the same time has a light weight.
  • As for the seat, it differs from other bikes in that it is more suitable for the spine while driving.
  • We find the most prominent hybrid models available through my bicycle store, the Cozon Hybrid X3E Light Blue sports bike , which comes at a price of 2698 riyals.

Mountain Bike

  • Bicycles are characterized by their superior ability to pass hills and valleys or unpaved roads with ease, and they can even climb mountains as well.
  • Mountain bikes have flat, knobby tires; For more stability on the ground and the ability to cross rough terrain.
  • For example, we find the most prominent mountain bikes on my bike site, the COZON LIRIN mountain bike , whose price reaches 2180 riyals.

Electric bikes

  • Electric bicycles are characterized by the addition of some parts such as the motor and the battery, in addition to the pedals and the handle.
  • It can be driven in the traditional way but helps push more power; Thus, it can travel longer distances in a shorter period of time.
  • For example, we find the DIDO Folding E-Bike, the DIDO electric bike , which comes at a price of 3465 riyals.

Family Bike

  • Family bikes are one of the best bikes that accommodate a larger number of people, for example, they are suitable for two, three or four people.
  • There are also many models that come with an upper umbrella; Allowing customers to use it during the day with complete freedom.
  • My bike site is characterized by providing a variety of options for family bikes, for example, we find a bike with four wheels, one mattress, the price of which reaches 1980 riyals only, and we also find a bike with four wheels, two mattresses , at a price of up to 2900 riyals.

What are the best types of bicycles?

The best children's bicycles

Many parents are confused when choosing the best types of bicycles for children, as experts offer a group of bicycles that suit children according to their age, for example:

sports bike

  • Traditional sport bikes are the best options for children from 4 years and over, as they rely on wide tires with low treads that fit the child's height.
  • Where you can buy a bicycle from Totem BMX at a price of up to 980 riyals.

Three-wheeled bicycles

  • Tricycles are suitable for children who want to ride a bike at an advanced age.
  • Tricycles are safer than their two-wheeled counterparts. Where it gives the child more stability.
  • You can buy a three-wheeled bicycle , which costs 1589 riyals.

Balance bikes

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Tips when buying a sport bike

After knowing the best brands of sports bikes, we can now review the most important tips that experts give when wanting to buy a new sports bike, for example: –

  • In the beginning, the purpose of buying a bike must be determined, whether it is for work or racing, as well as touring mountain roads.
  • Determine the budget, as some people are drawn to installment offers; Which later affects the amount of monthly income.
  • Consider choosing the right size of the bike; so that this does not cause muscle fatigue or bows in the long run.
  • Ensure the quality of the bike and the materials from which it is made, in addition to examining its components by an expert; To make sure you buy a good product that matches the specifications.
  • Ensure the presence of spare parts for the bicycle in the event of damage to any of its parts, as some rush behind modern models without ensuring maintenance services and spare parts.

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Tips when buying a sport bike

The best home gym bike

As for home sports bikes, they are many and varied to suit the needs of users, for example:

Spine Bike

  • These bicycles are similar to traditional bicycles, as they have pedals and a brake system, in addition to magnetic wheels.
  • You need to hold the handlebars and move the pedals while driving, just like other bikes, and they also include a display and pulse sensor.

Upright Bikes

  • This bike is similar to the previous bike, but it requires standing straight without bending; Which may cause fatigue when used for long periods.
  • We also find it without a display or pulse sensor, but it is suitable for normal daily use; This is due to its light weight and ease of use.

Recumbent Bike

  • This type is considered the best type of home exercise bike, which is recommended by the World Health Organization for people who suffer from spinal problems but want to lose weight in a safe way.
  • These bikes have a display and handlebars in addition to the bottom pedals.
  • However, it only has a disadvantage in reducing the weight of the lower part of the body, and this bike needs more space in the house in addition to its somewhat high price compared to the previous types.

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common questions

How do I know the right bike size for me?

You can determine the right bike size for you by using common measurements. For example, road bikes are based on centimeter measurements, while mountain bikes are measured in inches.

What is the distance covered by the bike per hour?

We cannot answer this question accurately, as each bike differs from the other in terms of speed, the nature of the tires, and their ability to hold, but in general, most bikes can go at a speed of 280 kilometers per hour.

Does cycling help increase height?

Of course, cycling helps to increase the length of the body by extending the arms and spine for a long time on a daily basis; As this helps to strengthen the muscles and give the body a more slender appearance.

How much weight does a bicycle carry?

Many bicycles rely on seats and tires that bear heavy weights to a large extent, but we find that most types carry an average load of 120 kilograms, including the person’s weight and other items that he carries with him such as bags or other supplies.

In conclusion, the best brands of sports bikes offer mountain or hybrid bikes as well as electric or road bikes. The options have diversified recently and it has become difficult to choose the best for the user, and we find my bike store for bicycles offering a large number of international brands.


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