Bicycle bags and their importance

حقائب للدراجات ومدى اهميتها - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية

A bike bag has so many benefits, living in the digital age makes it easy to think your phone is the only thing you need in case there are issues on your ride.

Having a phone is definitely important (check out our bike bag so you can bike safely with your device)

There are a few extra things that you should carry that will help you deal with the many “bumps” in the road that you may encounter while driving.


A must have bike bag

We peaked inside a few of the staff's bike bags and compiled a list of 10 must-have items

You'll be able to ride with confidence by having these essential items with you on all your cycling adventures

First things first - you'll need a bike bag! Shop our selection here and fill it up with these goodies

Spare Tubes in the Bag : Put at least one appropriately sized tube in the bag for your bike

Watch the side of your bike's tire to see which tire size is representative of the tube size you'll need

 Multi-tool inside the bag: On most bikes, you will need an Allen wrench inside the bag

(hex wrench or Allen wrench) to loosen or tighten bolts. Multitools have key sizes

Allen most common, and many will have other hand tools such as a screwdriver or chain tool

Patch kit in bag : While it's best to put a new tube in if you get a flat patch

A patch kit can still come in handy. On those rare occasions when you end up getting another apartment

Or when you encounter a cyclist in need, a patch kit will get you back on your bike in no time

Tire levers that need to be in the bag :  You'll be glad to have a number of tire levers on hand to help you quickly and easily change your flat when you're on the go

It makes it much easier to remove the tire from the wheel - something you'll need to do if you get a puncture

The importance of a hand pump in the bag : They are small and some fit in bicycle bags

It takes more effort than carbon dioxide but the advantage is that it never runs out of air

Plus, you never know when you'll need the help of a fellow cyclist who needs some air

In-bag snacks : If you plan to ride for an extended period of time, bring a few energy bars/gels

Also water powders to keep your energy levels up in the long run so you can keep riding and they will hardly take up any space in your bike bag.

Cash / Credit Card / Identification : It can serve as a temporary tire fund and buy a snack from a food vendor on the road, and identification is very important in case of emergency

Cell phone inside the bag : While it's a good idea to go out on a trip and unplug, it's also a good idea to have your phone with you.

Especially in the event that there is a situation where you need to seek help. in addition to

There are many cycling apps nowadays that you might want to use to track your distance and speed


Other items to consider


Lock the bike in the bag : If you plan to stop by a friend's house or go to a grocery store for a snack

Bring a lock so you can keep your bike safe

Lights : We recommend that you always have lights on your bike. During the day, they help you look

If you're riding at dusk, dawn, or at night, a front and rear light is essential

Not only to help you see but also to help you see where you are going

Jacket : Most cycling jackets are folded into a small compact case so they take up minimal space in the bag for your bike

You'll be glad you packed one for when the weather surprises you with cooler temperatures or rain

Put sunscreen in the bag : It's a great idea to apply sunscreen before heading out on a long trip

But you'll likely sweat within an hour or so

Pack a travel-sized bottle so you can reapply more often when the sun is stronger

If you follow our previous tips, we promise you that you will get the highest amount of comfort and happiness when riding a bike

Learn with us also about the important relationship between the bicycle and the saddle


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