The most important differences between different types of bicycles

أهم الفروق بين أنواع الدراجات الهوائية المختلفة - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية

The difference between the types of bicycles

The need has always been the guide for the industry, and of course, the matter is not far away with regard to bicycles, as it has certainly become a necessity and of great importance in this day..

But what is the difference between the different types of bicycles and what is meant by mountain, hybrid or road bikes?

In this article, dear visitors to my bike store, we will learn more about bicycles and learn about the most important types of bicycles and how they differ from each other.

Let's first learn about road or road bikes:

The difference between the types of bicycles and what are road or road bikes?

Road or road bikes are regular or daily exercise bikes that can be used at different times. For example, when you are going to work or on a city walk with friends.
Since you do not have to own a specific bicycle that is suitable for a specific environment. For example, road bikes don't have tires that are specifically shaped and sized for off-road.

Road bikes

In addition, road bikes are widely used because they are suitable for many and are not intended for places without others.

You can enjoy road bike driving wherever you are and at any time. Likewise, you can also find many accessories and accessories suitable for it through the My Bike store , such as premium mattresses, speedometers, and others.

It is also one of the types of bicycles that are very suitable for racing , which you can of course rely on in regular races.

Rod bikes

Specifications of road or rod grades:

  • One of the most important specifications of road bikes is that they are made of a durable and lightweight frame, which is often aluminum or carbon fiber. Therefore, it does not exceed the weight of 7 kilograms only.
  • In addition, it is equipped with thin tires suitable for paved roads, and of high quality, which is suitable for long-distance travel.
  • The frame of the bike does not contain aids. This is because it reduces the speed of the bicycle and also increases its weight.
  • The shape of the handlebar and the fit for a comfortable sitting while riding were designated to be one of the most important features available in road bikes.

Among the best types of road bikes that you will find in my bike store are Totem Lapland bikes, in addition to the well-known and world-famous company Cozon.

The difference between the types of bicycles: mountain bikes:

This bike was made to suit a unique riding experience in mountainous environments, which require a strong structure to suit the ruggedness of the roads there, as well as the spread of gravel and rocks.

Mountain bikes

As these bikes, in addition to their strong and sturdy structure, are also equipped with a suitable type of tire in shape and pressure tolerance, to give the mountain bike more stability on the road. It makes you enjoy the bliss of the journey and enjoy the experience.

Also, do not forget that such bicycles are made to be suitable for athletes who like to climb or descend mountains using their own bicycle.

Mountain bike specifications:

  • One of the most distinctive features of mountain bikes is its wide tire size, which certainly exceeds the tire sizes of other types of bicycles.
    Mountain bike tires are sometimes up to 8 cm wide, depending on the type of mountain bike.
  • The gears of mountain bikes are designed for low speeds and for optimal control, especially while riding on slopes.
  • The presence of aids in the structure of the mountain bike increases its weight and makes it more stable when driving on bumpy roads.

Mountain bikes

In my bike store, we are pleased to offer our customers the best types of mountain bikes, with special guarantees that suit them. Whatever type of bike you want, you will find it available with us.

Hybrid bikes:

Certainly, manufacturers have not forgotten to leave the option open to those who wish to possess the previous specifications in one bike. Therefore, it has introduced what is called a hybrid bicycle, which combines the specifications of mountain bikes and road bikes.

Thus, hybrid bikes have a resistant and durable structure, excellent speed, and good weight that make them highly desirable by many.

Hybrid bikes

Not only that, it also has some distinctive features, which of course made it worth buying.

  • Hybrid bikes differ from mountain bikes in that they have more straight and regular tires. Thus, it becomes more comfortable to ride.
  • And the tires are more stable than mountain bike tires. Which causes greater shock absorption. This is because bicycle tires come in a wider size than those on mountain bikes.
  • While the hybrid bike differs from road bikes in that it has a lighter weight and is suitable for easier movement and long distances.
  • At the same time, it has higher speed and higher durability.

One of the most important manufacturers of hybrid bikes is Kozon Lapland .

In conclusion, we would like to remind our dear followers that all types of previous bicycles and their desired accessories are available in my bike store. And not only that, but also at the best prices and the best possible quality.

We welcome you to our store any time.


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