Types of electric scooters

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If you're looking for a convenient way to get around town while reducing your carbon footprint, an e-bike or electric scooter Just a ticket. These electric bike and scooter devices make sense for travel basic for short distances , especially considering that public transportation systems Make it difficult to reach social distance. And just to be clear, the devices on this electric scooter checklist are nothing like the kids' scooter you may have grown up with. These are legitimate electric vehicles with solid tires, an advanced braking system, a large battery pack, and the ability to cover semi-rugged terrain.

Types of electric scooters

1- Balance electric scooter

This scooter is characterized by maintaining balance while driving and can bear a weight of up to 100 kilograms, and the weight of the entire scooter is 11 kilograms. The scooter works for an hour or more without charging and reaches a distance of 20 kilograms.

Equipped with a rear suspension and a headlight with a light intensity of up to 400 lumens

At one hour, its speed is very excellent, as it has a speed sensor, and it warns as soon as the speed increases while driving.

Advantages of an electric balance scooter

Lithium ions were used when developing the smart electric scooter battery because of its superior ability to store a large amount of electrical energy when it is being ridden

Shipped and the team involved in the development of the scooter to rely on lithium ions after they studied many factors

Such as speed, weight, and optimal use, because they affect the distance directly and clearly, since the battery usually

It consists of an anode and a cathode made of aluminum material. Many chemical reactions occur in the cathode, which generates a cathode

High thermal energy so it is always covered with a special membrane made of ceramics that works to prevent ignition

The electric cell because of its high ability to withstand high temperatures of up to seven hundred degrees Celsius, for this reason

Mini Plus adopts safe lithium ion and at the same time it is light in weight

Dido electric scooter

The Dade electric scooter is the perfect choice for entertainment and for traveling distances that do not exceed 30 kilometers

Taking into account both speed, weight and usability factor, thanks to the power of its 36 Lithium battery

v with a volume of 6.6 Ah

Drift electric scooter for children

Scooter Drift features a special charger that is compatible with it, with which you can charge your scooter by means of this charger

Connecting the charger through a special port via the original charging cable, you are free to choose the source you want to connect from

The charger, as soon as you connect the cable to the source and connect it to the scooter, the charging process begins naturally, we recommend

It is strongly recommended to use a good source of energy and make sure of it, while paying attention to the amount of energy coming out so that it is not connected to a source

Weak energy, which prolongs the charging process. This happens a lot if the source of electrical energy is other than the lines

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