The benefits of a bicycle for the abdomen and fat loss

فوائد الدراجة الهوائية للبطن و فقد الدهون - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية

bicycles | Can you lose belly fat by cycling?


Yes, cycling can help lose belly fat, but it will take time

A recent study showed that regular cycling may enhance overall fat loss and promote a healthy weight

To reduce overall abdominal girth, aerobic exercise is of medium intensity

Such as cycling (both indoor and outdoor), effective for reducing belly fat

 Benefits of cycling for fat loss

Along with this, the following benefits of cycling may enhance the fat reduction process and that b

General management of body weight with fat loss

Regular cycling is included in many exercise plans because it is a good option for losing body weight in general

It burns calories and affects your basal metabolic rate and muscle mass


Facing resistance while pressing down or pulling up the pedal will help build muscle.

Reduces belly fat and increases good fat: 30-60 minutes of cycling -


Eating a healthy, protein-rich diet is an effective way to reduce belly fat and increase levels of the good fats (high-density lipoprotein)

This has been shown to reduce many health risks and aid in the weight loss process

It lowers insulin resistance

Butcher's study found that regular cycling may significantly reduce insulin resistance

This means that regular cycling makes the cells in the body absorb blood glucose better

Therefore, people with diabetes may also benefit from cycling

It is not difficult to lose belly fat through cycling

However, it should be consistent and firm and it may take some time, but it is possible with enough effort

What are the best ways to lose belly fat while cycling?

Your abdominal muscles don't stretch as much during cycling as they do during other high-intensity exercises

However, cycling is a type of aerobic exercise that burns fat

Follow the steps below for the process of losing belly fat while cycling

Start with a moderate intensity

When you choose cycling to burn belly fat start at a moderately intense pace -

You need to ride 80% of the time at a moderate intensity and the other 20% of the time at a moderate to high intensity -

With the incorporation of the 80/20 method of high-intensity interval exercise, you can effectively burn fat and calories

Over time, as your fitness and endurance increase, you'll burn calories and reduce belly fat -

bike type

It doesn't matter if it's indoor or outdoor cycling, weight loss depends entirely on you and how you ride a bike

However, a road bike, mountain bike or hybrid bike is easy and convenient to exercise regularly

Fasting cycling helps in fat loss

Cycling with an empty stomach is another way to burn belly fat effectively and faster.

You can think of an 8 hour period between your last meal as the time to start fasting cycling -

It can give very impressive results. However, it can be hard to keep going and keep going -

Therefore, you should avoid daily fasting cycling exercise


You can have a cup of water or coffee before you start if you need to -

In addition to carrying some high-energy food, water is a good choice for long rides

Where to start with a low intensity. Your body will burn more fat as fuel since you are fasting and lower your glycogen levels

After cycling for 2 hours on an empty stomach, you can eat. You should avoid starving yourself after cycling

Exercising off the bike

You can incorporate different exercises off the bike that may help with weight loss, such as lying on the bike, planks, yoga, and Zumba

This will enhance and benefit your core cycling exercise

like that

It improves endurance and strength

By exercising more your fitness level will also increase. This will allow you to do more cycling and you can burn more belly fat

trips to work

Going to work on a bike regularly is a great way to burn calories when you don't have time to exercise

It won't show much difference right away. However, it may periodically improve your basal metabolic rate

This, in turn, enables you to lose more hidden body fat


Any exercise regime, including cycling, requires diet to contribute to optimal results

Avoid eating foods, such as cheese, sugary foods, foods high in saturated fats and butter -

Add more lean protein (eggs), leafy greens, lean beef, chicken, beans, potatoes and salmon to your diet.


Adequate rest after cycling is essential for effective weight loss

Many studies show that you are more likely to gain weight if you are sleep deprived. So, get a good rest after a long day of cycling

Also, don't compare your fat loss achievements to others. Even if you don't see quick results, don't get discouraged

By motivating yourself towards your goal every single day, you will achieve your goal of losing the required weight

What if you encounter a problem during your e-bike trip?! Know what to do


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