Optimum cleaning of the bicycle

تنظيف الدراجة الهوائية بالشكل الأمثل - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية

Optimum cleaning of the bicycle

We all know the importance of taking care of your belongings in order to increase their lifespan for a longer period and to ensure that they are not damaged quickly
The same applies to the bicycle, the interest in cleaning it in general and preserving its various parts
It achieves the highest levels of efficiency at work

Today, we will review together the steps that you must take in order to properly clean the bicycle
We will also tell you all the tools and details you need

Tools used to clean the bicycle:

  • Cleaning brush to ensure access to the smallest components of the bike
    And in my bike store, we offer you the best types of cleaning brushes, at a price not exceeding 40 Saudi riyals, and of different types
  • The cleaning device for bicycles, but since it is expensive, you can do without it
  • Detergents such as soap and dirt remover are available in my bike store at a price of 85 Saudi riyals and are of high quality
  • The polish is certainly very important, after the cleaning process, to give your grades a distinctive color from their own luster, and of course we provide you with a distinctive polish at a price of 55 Saudi riyals

    Likewise, we provide you with wax used for polishing at a price of 48 riyals
  • As for the rest of the parts and components, there are many solutions and options that you can rely on, with the best quality available in the market.
    • Bicycle chain oil at a price of 35 Saudi riyals, as for lubricating grease for the chain, it is available at a price of 59 riyals
    • Dry lubrication at a price of 35 riyals
    • Brake disc cleaner at a price of 50 Saudi riyals
    • Grease removal cleaner for 28 riyals
  • Dry and wet cloths

Bicycle cleaning steps:

  • First you have to remove the dust and dirt accumulated on the bicycle using the brush and dust remover
  • Then you have to remove the layers of grease on the bicycle components using a degreasing cleaner
  • Cleaning the brake disc with a special brake disc cleaner
  • The bicycle is then washed and dried immediately to prevent rust
  • Then comes the process of lubrication and lubrication again using chain lubricating oil or dry lubrication
  • Then later comes the role of polishing and giving the bicycle its new luster
  • In the end, of course, we do not forget the importance of sterilization after every cleaning of the bicycle

Important notes:

  • Cleaning the bicycle track or cleaning the bicycle chain is done with great care and precision, due to its importance in maintaining the efficiency of bicycle movement
    The best bike oil should be chosen, which makes cleaning easier and guarantees quality work
  • Certainly, such works require a little patience and not rushing, but rather slow down and repeat the work several times, and thus get the best result.
  • You must choose a time that is convenient for you to clean, be free and ready only for cleaning. Since this task may require you to be free because it takes extra time
  • The need for the materials and tools used to be of distinguished quality, because this makes it easier for you to clean and gives you a distinguished result
    Whereas, if you use lower quality materials, this will negatively affect the functioning of your bike

Additional tools available in My Bike Store:

Of course we at My Bike Shop haven't forgotten to offer you the best solutions for cleaning extra parts. For example, as follows :

  • Sterilizer and disinfectant for helmets at a price of 34 Saudi riyals, and this is considered very important, because sterilization gives you greater protection and resistance to the various diseases caused

    About borrowing objects, and this is of course something common in our Arab world as a whole
  • An air seal at a price of 33 riyals, and one of its most important specifications is that it achieves quick repair, as well as being non-flammable

  • Anti-fog glasses cleaner Of course, you will definitely need it if you are a fan of wearing glasses while driving or if you drive in dusty areas
    Certainly, this cleaner gives you the perfect solution for great protection from the accumulation of dirt and dust, at a price of 48 Saudi riyals
  • In addition, there is a sticker remover, which is characterized by its good and guaranteed quality, at a price of 23 Saudi riyals

at the end:

In my bike shop , we always take pride in providing the best solutions to our customers, which contribute to achieving the best results for them. Certainly, our first goal is to gain the trust of customers and to make all our services reach them optimally

And do not forget that we are here to serve you with all the products you want, whether bicycles or their accessories.

We thank you for reading our article and welcome any suggestions or inquiries from you
Also, the article on the correct way to ride a bicycle will inevitably interest you

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