Bicycle speed and the best kind of speedometers available in my bike shop

سرعة الدراجات الهوائية وأفضل أنواع عدادات السرعة المتوفرة في متجر دراجتي - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية

Bicycle speed

Due to the different uses and needs that the bicycle meets, there must be a difference in the speeds between them. Hence the difference in components
As well as their quality and prices.

We all know that each bicycle has its own components and its price. As we are among the most important things that differ in bikes in my bike shop of all kinds, whether mountain bikes, road bikes or hybrid bikes

Of course, the issue of speed, since ancient times, has been a major research and topic that everyone is keeping pace with and wants to reach the optimal solution in it. Not only in bicycles
but also cars.

Today, we will present to you the most important thing that you, dear reader, need to know about bicycle speed, as well as what is available in my bike store in terms of devices and speedometers .

What is the speed of normal bicycles:

In general, it can be said that you determine the answer to this question. Whereas, the speed of bicycles mainly depends on the strength of the rider and the amount of effort that he exerts
for movement.

However, it can be said that the recognized limits for bicycle speed are 15 to 30 kilometers per hour, on average.

What does bicycle speed relate to?

As we talked about earlier, the effort to move the bike and press the pedals is the basis for determining the speed
Bicycles. But in addition to that there is another essential thing which is the gear or gear.

Exactly and similarly to the work of gears in a car, but in a more simplified way. Because you and for bikes
Multi-speed sports available in my bike store

Where you can find bicycles with 9 or 3 speeds as well as with one speed.

  • Single Speed ​​Bike: The Classic Single Speed ​​Hybrid Totem Bike is the perfect choice for beginners in cycling
    Likewise, it can also be said that it is a light bike, as its frame is made of aluminum. It also has a back brake to make it easier
    stop it under any circumstances.
    This bike is available in two different colors and priced at 998 SAR.
    In addition to all this, my bike store offers you various options of high quality and efficiency in the field of measuring and determining the speed of bicycles.

Best types of speedometer available in my bike shop:

We at my bike store provide you with the best types of speed measuring devices from the international company Milan .

  • M4 Speedometer: This meter is very unique and resistant to moisture and rain conditions, as it was designed according to the IPX5 standard.
    It is also able to work for twenty hours continuously without lighting the screen. Also, its screen is characterized by high clarity of numbers, which allows you to see
    And seeing its contents even in times of sunshine.

    Likewise, the technology used in it to measure the speed is very high, according to Bluetooth technology, as this device records:
    • cycling distance
    • the speed
    • driving time
    • Calorie consumption
    • temperature
    • heart rate
    • energy
    • Height
    • Regression
    • the address
    • Left and right power

And for sure you will get it in my bike shop with the best quality and the best manufacture warranty at the most attractive price
It is 170 SAR.

  • M3 speedometer for bicycles: This type is distinguished from its predecessor as a complete bicycle computer, as it allows you to provide all the previous services
    In addition to determining the location in a highly accurate way, through a highly sensitive internal chip, and other smart features such as automatic time and date

    Similarly, it also features a riding history where you can record 30 cycling records and view them whenever you want.
    It also has the feature of turning on the backlight without lighting the device to save battery. As it is sufficient for 25 hours of work and is rechargeable
    Through any electrical source whose capacity is 5.8 volts.
    All these features, as well as the accessories of the device, come to you from a USB connection for charging at a price of 320 Saudi riyals in my bike store .

Heart rate sensor:

Another electronic accessory that my bike store offers is a heart rate sensor for various uses, not just while riding a bicycle
Likewise, it is equipped with a comfortable strap to wear, with adjustable sizes, and is quick-drying, as it is also water-resistant
It is of high technology, great sensitivity and long battery life.

The price of the heart sensor in my bike shop is about 140 Saudi riyals.

In conclusion, dear reader, we hope that you have had an adequate idea of ​​the speed of bicycles
The most important thing you can find in my bike shop is to measure the speed of your bicycle.

Of course, we do not forget to always point out that everything you may need will be found in my bike store, at the best prices and premium quality. As we always strive to provide all the needs and provide everything that our customers may need.

We thank you for your follow-up and we always promise to provide you with the best



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