The pros and cons of a bicycle

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The pros and cons of a bicycle, what are the most famous benefits and harms of riding a bicycle, many scientific studies have shown the benefits of riding a bicycle daily, as riding a bicycle is not only for hiking and entertainment, but there are a large number of benefits and importance that accrue to its rider, and at the same time There are disadvantages of a bicycle that accrues to a person if it is misused, instead of obtaining a benefit, it will cause harm to its rider, but despite the presence of a lot of bicycle damage to the knee and other parts of the body, experts advised to ride it correctly in order to benefit Among the benefits and obtaining health and wellness and getting rid of diseases, and today through the " My Bike for Bicycles " website, we will learn about the benefits and harms of riding a bicycle in detail.

The pros and cons of a bicycle

Despite the benefits of riding a bicycle, there are drawbacks, as everything has benefit and harm at the same time, but let us agree that the importance of riding a bicycle is more beneficial than its harms and disadvantages, and the harm is to the user if he misuses the pneumatic bicycle, whether it is from Ashby type bmx or other mountain bikes or hybrid bikes.

Many European studies have shown that riding a bicycle daily, whether it is for entertainment and pleasure or a means of transportation, as is the case in the Netherlands, this helps in losing weight, and provides you with many other benefits that benefit and benefit you in your body in improving your psyche and also in maintaining your health. Clean environment and atmosphere, and let's get to know the negatives and benefits.

Benefits of riding a bicycle

Before getting to know the negatives of a bicycle, it is fair that we first get to know the positives and the benefits of riding bicycles or bicycles. Here are the most prominent benefits of riding a bicycle, which are as follows:

The importance of riding a bicycle

  • The bicycle helps to lose weight and slim the body, instead of using sports machines that cost you a lot of money, and instead of subscribing to a sports club, practice cycling daily for an hour or two.
  • It works to save a lot of money by using it as a means of transportation to move from one region to another, and this is what is already happening in the country of the Netherlands, which uses bicycles to go to work, hiking and other activities, so that there are senior officials who use them to go to the ministries.
  • Strengthening the knee and muscles, as the bikes work on exercising your muscles, especially in the buttocks and abdomen area, while continuing to move daily, this leads to strengthening and lubricating the leg and knee muscles.
  • Strengthening the muscles of the heart, as riding a bicycle is one of the simple types of sports, but it is of great benefit, as it helps to burn fat that may accumulate and cause heart problems over time.
  • Increasing physical fitness and improving the health of blood vessels and the heart, as your healthy fitness is to wake up early and start jogging or riding a bicycle to benefit from its benefits.
  • Improving the psyche, as it helps you get rid of winter depression, and other depressions that may affect a person, in addition to getting rid of anxiety and lack of sleep.
  • Maintaining the rate of sugar in the blood and maintaining pressure in the human blood, and at the same time maintaining cholesterol, and this matter protects you from the risk of developing diabetes.
  • Improving mental health and brain functions, by releasing stimuli that help to feel well-being, reduce effort and tension, and control adrenaline and endorphins, especially in the elderly.
  • The benefits of a bicycle for sex are many, as it works to increase the sexual ability of a man, and works to strengthen his muscles, which helps him to perform a better performance when having intercourse with his wife.

What are the downsides of a bicycle?

In the context of talking about the pros and cons of a bicycle, in this paragraph we will learn about the disadvantages or disadvantages of a bicycle, as we have already mentioned, and despite the importance and benefits of riding bicycles, there are a few negatives, as follows:

  • Damages of the bicycle for men: The bicycle may cause men to suffer from impotence, as men who practice cycling daily and to a large extent are susceptible to erectile dysfunction. Practice riding a bike, as balance is required in this case.
  • A waste of time. Pneumatic bicycles are not suitable all the time. There are trips and jobs that require riding in cars instead of bicycles.
  • Damages of the bicycle for girls: Excessive weight loss, as riding a bicycle helps increase metabolism and fat burning, and this matter works to lose weight and reduce it, but this matter is not beneficial for people who suffer from tuberculosis or severe weight loss, so we do not recommend riding it in If you want to gain weight.
  • Not to mention cycling for women increases vaginal infections, urinary tract infections, skin infections, and other health problems.
  • Damage to the bicycle on the knee, pain in the knees, especially when walking or running for a long distance, and on the contrary, it may be good to ride a bicycle in order to help lubricate your knees and maintain its permanence and activity and not feel any kind of pain that affects the “soap” in the knee. the body.

How long is the bike ride?

When talking about the pros and cons of a bicycle , we mentioned that excess is harmful to its owner, so it is good to balance riding bicycles of any kind, sports bike, hybrid bike, Ashby bike, bmx bike, or any other type of the best Bicycles in Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf.

Studies have shown that the period of riding a bicycle is better not to exceed 30 minutes or an hour a day, and it is possible to distribute it for half an hour in the morning, and the other half in the evening.

In conclusion, in today's article we got to know the pros and cons of a bicycle, in which we explained the benefits of cycling and its harm to humans.


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