The benefits of a bicycle to stimulate the brain

فوائد الدراجة الهوائية لتنشيط الدماغ - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية

The benefits of a bicycle to stimulate the brain

We talked previously about the various benefits of cycling for the body, and we devoted several different aspects and the extent of their impact
Exercise the bicycle on the various organs and functions of the body.

Today we will go back to continue our conversation and talk about the benefits of cycling to stimulate the brain. And what effect does it have
Bicycling on the brain.

Of course, we all know the importance of cycling as a great aerobic activity. This means that
It brings the body a lot of health and psychological benefits different from other sports.

Benefits of cycling to stimulate the brain:

  • The arrival of a good amount of oxygen to the brain contributes greatly to the improvement of brain power.
  • Riding a bicycle increases concentration. Where the focus is
    Primarily the size of the ideas that occupy the mind of the person himself.
    When riding a bicycle, the brain stops thinking for a while and becomes preoccupied with movement and proper riding of the bicycle.
    Doctors attribute all of this to the fact that riding a bicycle causes the release of dopamine and noradrenaline
    As well as serotonin and these hormones are what cause a higher degree of concentration.
  • Of course, the proper blood supply resulting from stimulating blood circulation while riding a bicycle
    It would lead to stimulating brain cells to work.
  • The balanced movement nature of riding a bicycle leads to better coordination of cerebral movement. Thus, the brain becomes more able to do work in a more coordinated and disciplined manner.
    For example, cases of trembling from arrogance, especially with delicate actions, may be reduced
    Significantly if the exercise is done well. And that in earlier stages of life.
  • A good memory is closely related to a healthy and active mind. Therefore, regular cycling improves memory, especially by increasing the efficiency of nerve cells
    The parts of the brain responsible for the memory process. such as the hippocampus and lobes.

    Other benefits of cycling to stimulate the brain, as shown by studies:

  • Large scientific, academic, and experimental studies emphasized the importance of practicing a particular sport
    Such as riding a bicycle to reduce the symptoms of hyperactivity disorder.
    Which is most caused by poor neurological development or various neurological problems.
  • Many doctors have argued that practicing a certain aerobic activity at regular and periodic intervals causes protection
    Great for brain cells responsible for focus. So this is a great solution for
    Attention deficit and distraction.
  • Riding a bicycle significantly reduces the symptoms of aging. Where it reduces miniaturization
    The size of the hippocampus, which is a major cause of so-called memory impairment or dementia.
    This means that riding a bicycle on a regular and specific basis during appropriate periods leads to:
    Preserving the size of the hippocampus as much as possible, which causes a delay in any memory loss.
  • The neurons in the brain are always growing continuously, and exercise achieves better growth for those cells and gives them a faster formation rate. This means the formation of new and always young nerve cells.
    This makes the brain better youthful cells.

  • Many doctors and researchers have found that doing aerobic activities within the required periods and on a regular basis causes flexibility in the brain. As the flexibility of the brain means the speed of learning and memorizing new things.
    For example, people who regularly ride a bicycle find that they have
    Greater absorption and faster ability to learn new things. Likewise they also get to practice it
    Even better than others

    Benefits of being more creative when riding a bicycle:

  • Riding a bicycle means that a person increases the intelligence of his creative brain. This achieves him
    Greater creativity. So you must have noticed that athletic people tend to get creative with their work
    Or imagine better and significantly compared to others who do not practice any sport.
  • Practicing and maintaining a specific sport, especially an aerobic activity such as riding a bicycle, achieves
    The brain has a great emotional balance. So people who do a particular sport find them
    More able to adjust and identify their feelings than other people.
  • By following a specific sports regimen such as riding a bicycle to stimulate the brain, the brain secretes endorphins, which are the substance responsible for feeling happy and fighting depression. This means that whoever practices sports can feel happier, protecting him against any depression that he may go through later.
  • This is what we often see among fans of a sport such as riding a bicycle, as we find them as soon as they feel anything that may disturb them. The first thing they think of is going out with a little space.
    Then they come back as if nothing happened.

And so, dear followers, riding a bicycle to stimulate the brain is a wonderful thing. Because all of us, in different age groups, are aware of the importance of this, and we tend to do everything we can to improve our brain capabilities, as well as to maintain the vitality of the brain, whether for concentration, thinking or memory.

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