Benefits of riding a bike for weight loss

فوائد ركوب الدراجة للتخسيس - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية

Benefits of riding a bike for weight loss

I showed study European that ride bicycle aerobic Daily, whether For fun or as a means to move around, helps in Loss the weight, As well as on the benefits other multi for health physical psychological, and their contribution in preservation on environment .

It is considered ride bikes from more sports fun for adults And the little ones . addition to that from possible adopt it as a means Transfer Easy to use no cost you but Loss calories thermal . And with the same the time Availability for you the time, where help in escape from ways crowded . as adopt it a lot from population Countries European to reach to Places their work or their studies


Found study "Habits travel" in seven cities European that Persons Whose they ride their bikes aerobic Daily they enjoy with a block pointer body ( BMI ) minimum, comparison Users means Transport the other .

And he has conducted the study as part from project activity physical from during means Transport sustainable ( PASTA ), that You fund it UNHCR European . the study focused on Cities: Vienna in Austria, and Zurich switzerland, and Antwerp belgium, and Barcelona in Spain, and Orebro in sweden, and Rome in Italy, inspiration Newham in Capital British London . And he came from within its results that Persons Whose they ride bicycle electrical He is Indicator Mass the body They have higher from Those Whose they ride bikes aerobic traditional, Than Indicates to that ride bicycle aerobic Lead to Loss the weight

as I showed the study, that I solved Habits more from Alfie person in the cities that included reconnaissance, that Men Whose They turned from Use the cars to bikes aerobic for travel daily they lost what Its average is 0.75 kilograms in the weight with drop Indicator Mass the body They have by 0.24 , in when She was Results between Women effectors less .

contribute practice sports ride bikes in more rates metabolism in the body, Than He increases from Total calories thermal that Complete burn it in the body in a way A quick, In addition to reduction amount Fats accumulated no Seema Ocean waist, belly, legs, The more increased number times that Can the person ride bicycle In which, You will He increases an average burn calories thermal fat, especially if It was completed that in a way regular as maybe that constribte ride bikes in get rid of the body from The flabby And tighten it tug muscles Thighs, legs, and muscles hands, and belly like that, And it is advised exercise exercises ride bikes for a duration hour one on the least Daily in Places open, And that with a goal decrease weight .


According to report issued on Harvard health, maybe to ride bikes quickly Moderate inform About 12 miles in the hour that Burn what close of 7 calories refractory all minute to a person Weigh About 155 lbs .

The most important benefits of cycling for the body

from Okay decrease the weight, He says the Council The American for exercises sports ( ACE ) You are You will need to turn on level Moderate density for 30 minutes on the least in all once . to burn More from calories thermal, You will need to ride bicycle for a while longer . ACE also suggests to merge two activities in session training crossed one To promote Loss the weight And the other to acquire fitness physical


maybe that helps you also on burn Fats and burn calories thermal and loss weight . But from Okay decrease the weight, there some The things that need to know her To practice exercises sports effective to ride bicycles .


mostly what describe ride bikes that he option good low the influence To practice exercises sports . Allow for you up an average strikes the heart with reduction wear and tear on knees and ankles and joints other, comparison by running or jogging _


as a rule General, whenever I sped up in session, increased calories thermal that You will burn it . that because Your body Uses More from energy to spin in a form Hurry up . The more increased number calories thermal that you burn it, increased the weight that from Likely that Check it out .


point studies to necessity burn Alfie price thermal on the least in a way weekly, bikes firmware for example help on Burn 300 calories thermal in the hour one, as point one studies British to that ride bicycle Aerobic for a while half hour Daily It helps on 5 kg burned from Fats the body on orbit general


Prepare sports bicycle aerobic from sports assigned to burn calories thermal which to get to know Basim "Cardio" an average burn calories thermal with this Sports It's 400 calories thermal per hour one, Which Dedicated to lose the weight and strengthening muscle in Section Lower from the body, And excel by being sports Same impact low on legs or noon or knees, So She is sports suitable for whom suffer from the mom joints or the mom noon, Prepare practice bicycle aerobic Instrument to ease the weight


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