The benefits of a bicycle for a woman after childbirth

فوائد الدراجة الهوائية للمرأة بعد الولادة - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية

Riding a bike after giving birth

Benefits of cycling for women after childbirth:

I don't like being home all day. A phrase we often hear from new mothers or even those who have given birth previously
"I love my kid so much but I need some time for me" and there is nothing better than a bike to spend some time to yourself .

The big question: When can I start cycling again after pregnancy?
You don't want to hinder your nether healing and feel guilty if you leave your newborn with someone else.
But at the same time, you desperately need to lose weight, get fit and get a little time to yourself.
When is it acceptable to do so? Well, it depends from person to person . Regardless of whether or not you cycled while you were pregnant , or are in the process of having a baby, you might start thinking about jumping on your bike again . If you had a difficult birth, or it's your first child, you'll probably be more wary of wanting to get back on your bike.
But if all goes smoothly, or this isn't your first baby, you might be surprised how quickly your body can recover to your pre-birth state .

Benefits of riding a bicycle after childbirth:

The forums are filled with inquiries from new moms who want to get back on their bike and wondering if they should wait for advice from doctors .

Back to cycling:

No form of strenuous exercise is wiser than caring for your baby. For six weeks postpartum, your uterus will still be enlarged and your cervix will remain open.
Some hospitals will offer you a series of gentle exercises to help your postpartum body, likewise there are a lot of benefits of bicycle for postpartum women you can get.
In any case, ask your doctor or midwife for advice . After a few weeks, if your doctor gives you a license to cycle, you can start, but listen carefully to your body.
If you had a cesarean delivery, you may take more time to recover and it is advised to avoid exercise for three months or more.
Again, don't start too early.
Childbirth is a big event for your body , otherwise you risk opening the abdominal incision, in addition to that you will be in a state of great discomfort .

On the other hand your body is still recovering: the biggest concern is your uterus. After labor, the placenta separates from the uterus. After the placenta is delivered, the uterus continues to contract to put pressure on the exposed blood vessels. For the next few days, as the uterus continues to contract, it continues to secrete excess tissue. blood, these secretions should become considerably lighter during the first week and disappear completely within two to four weeks . Build your training gradually, if you notice any bleeding, unusual pain or discomfort during or after training, stop immediately and consult your doctor.

Important notes and advice about riding a bicycle after childbirth:

It can take up to a year for your body to fully return to the way it was before pregnancy and childbirth.
Pregnancy hormones relax muscles, which means ligaments are more flexible and more at risk of sprains and injuries.
The effects continue until after childbirth, so if you do yoga while riding your bike, be careful not to exaggerate the stretching . How long it will take to fully recover and how long to get back on the bike varies from woman to woman, but you will get your doctor's approval between eight to twelve weeks after giving birth .

Breastfeeding and exercise:

If you are breast-feeding and not formula-fed, it is recommended to wear a suitable sports bra for cycling and other activities.
You may have heard or read that excess lactic acid from exercise can make milk taste sour, but there is no evidence to support this.
It's okay to exercise and benefit from the benefits of a bicycle for a woman after childbirth even while breastfeeding, as long as your body is ready and able. But the important thing is to stay hydrated - before, during and after your workouts - and make sure you eat enough to keep your energy levels up .

Finally :

After childbirth this is a time of change and adjustment to the new situation, there is often serious sleep deprivation and if you want to ride a bike don't push yourself if you can't find time for it, your body has priority throughout the recovery and you need to prioritize your rest, and if you are tired and have some time and it was You have to choose between sleeping and riding, so choose sleep. Your bike will always be there when you're ready to ride again .


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