11 benefits of cycling for your physical and mental health

11 فائدة لركوب الدراجات الهوائية لصحتك الجسدية والعقلية - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية

The benefits of a bike for the mind, what are the benefits of a bike for the body? Which is better, walking or riding a bicycle? These are some of the questions many people are looking for. On my bike website, we will learn about the most important advantages of cycling on the health of the individual. Cycling is a form of physical activity that has been enjoyed by people of all ages for decades.

In this article we will explore the many benefits of cycling and its impact on physical and mental health including improved cardiovascular health, increased muscle strength and endurance, reduced risk of chronic disease, weight control, reduced stress and depression, improved mood and enhanced cognitive function. .

The benefits of cycling on physical health

One of the most significant benefits of cycling is improving cardiovascular health, which reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke. In addition, cycling helps you strengthen muscles, increase your endurance and control weight, which makes cycling the best exercise for those who are unable to deal with other forms of exercise that strain muscles.

1) Improve cardiovascular health

    The heart is the most important organ in the human body and must be monitored constantly, especially for those who suffer from heart problems and need to regulate heart rate and blood flow. In a study of more than 4,500 Danish people, researchers found that over a 20-year period, cyclists had a reduced risk of heart attack from 18% to 11%. Therefore, it is recommended to persevere in cycling to improve cardiovascular health by improving blood flow, lowering blood pressure and increasing lung capacity, which reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke.

    2) Strengthen muscles and stamina

    Unlike exercises such as jumping and running, which load the body weight on the joints to a point that may be painful for many people, cycling is one of the exercises that helps build and strengthen muscles - without stressing the joints - such as the muscles of the thighs and buttocks in addition to the hamstrings, which means that these The sport is suitable for all ages.

    Bicycling also balances the body's center of mass on moving wheels by engaging several muscles in the lower back, abdomen and hips, according to Bianca Beldini, a New York-based physical therapist.

    • 3) Getting rid of colon disorders

    Riding a bicycle helps the body to get rid of colon disorders, because cycling outdoors helps to get rid of negative energy, tension, and excess nervousness that may cause colon disorders, and the movement of the cyclist while riding activates the stomach and the process of digesting food, which improves the body's absorption of nutrients The time required to digest food is reduced.

    • Reducing the risk of chronic diseases:

    Diabetes, blood pressure and obesity are among the chronic diseases that many suffer from, but the solution lies in persevering with cycling. In a 2019 study, researchers found that high blood pressure decreased by 4.3% after 3 months of regular cycling, and by 11.8% after 10 months. As for people with diabetes, a 2016 study found that cycling reduced the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

    • 4) Weight control

    Riding a bicycle is not only a recreational activity, but also helps to control body weight and maintain a healthy body weight, because it contributes to raising the metabolism rate, building muscles and burning fat stored in the body, as it burns calories at a rate of 400-750 calories per hour.

    In order to achieve the maximum benefit from cycling in burning fat and losing weight, the US Department of Health recommends aerobic exercise such as cycling for 300 minutes a week, in addition to following a proper diet. Cycling alone cannot control your weight if you eat a lot of foods that increase the percentage of fat. your body fat.

    • 5) Bicycling and arthritis

    Cycling is one of the sports that is easy to practice, especially for those who complain of arthritis, as it helps to build and strengthen muscles without stressing the joints, and you will feel better soon after they practice cycling, whether stationary or mobile bicycles.

    The benefits of cycling on mental health

    Amidst the hustle and bustle of life and the stressful family and work environment, we look for ways to calm our minds and take a break from the daily demands and worries of life. Therefore, riding a bicycle is an excellent way to reduce these pressures, as it not only improves your physical health, but also has many benefits for your mental health, including improving your mood and reducing stress and depression, which makes you sleep well.

    • 1) Improve your mood

    Regular cycling can help improve your mood. It is one exercise that can help release endorphins, chemicals that can improve mood.

    • 2) Insomnia treatment

    There's a strong connection between exercise and a good night's sleep, according to Dr. Charlene Gamaldo, director of the Johns Hopkins Sleep Center. If you suffer from insomnia, 30 minutes is enough for you to get the most out of cycling to enjoy a good night's sleep.

    • 3) Prevention of depression

    According to occupational medicine specialist Andreas Tauts, cycling outdoors not only contributes to maintaining physical fitness, but also helps prevent depression by dismantling stress hormones. Therefore, the doctor advises to include cycling in daily activities, such as going to work by bike instead of using a car or a means of transportation.

    • 4) Reduce stress and anxiety

    Aerobic exercise is known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, but cycling is particularly beneficial for a person's state of mind. A recent study showed that 18% of people who ride a bicycle daily consider their life happy compared to people who do not ride bicycles regularly.

    • 5) Improve cognitive ability

    It is no secret that the benefits of exercise improve the vital functions of the body, but what is new is what was found by a study conducted at Goethe University in Frankfurt. Researchers have found that cycling prevents cognitive impairment and dementia and also protects brain neurons from damage, which improves cognitive performance by increasing blood flow to the brain. Also, cycling outdoors can provide a sense of calm and peace and help you focus.

    • 6) Enhance memory

    With age it is often difficult to remember well. Therefore, riding a bicycle helps build new brain cells. Riding a bicycle can develop your brain in the same way it develops your muscles, as it increases the rate of blood flow to the brain, which brings with it more oxygen and nutrients that can improve performance and counteract the natural decline of brain function with age. A 2011 study showed that it is enough to cycle for 175 to 250 minutes a week to see an improvement in lung health.

    How do you start cycling?

    After we got to know the benefits of cycling, you can go on a tour. Determine the distance you will travel first, and we advise you to start with short rides and increase the distance gradually as you get used to riding a bicycle.

    And when you want to buy a bike, either new or used, you have to choose one that suits you and invest in equipment such as a helmet, gloves and cycling shoes. Find buddies. Riding a bike with another person can make the experience more enjoyable and can provide motivation to stick to a goal you set. Whether it's a set distance or bike ride a week, having a goal can help you stay motivated.

    in the end

    With all the advantages that cycling has to offer, it's easy to see why people choose cycling. So, whether you're looking to lose weight, improve cardiovascular fitness, or just boost your mood whether you're a beginner cyclist or an experienced competitor, grab your bike and go for a ride!


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