The most important information about bicycles for beginners

أهم المعلومات عن الدراجة الهوائية للمبتدئين - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية

The bicycle is one of the most important types of light transportation, which depends on human movement, and bicycles are divided in terms of shape and design into two main types: the bicycle, and the motorcycle or motorcycle, and it is clear from the name of the bicycle that it is a simple vehicle that depends on human movement by pumping air into The front and rear wheels, as for the motorcycle, it relies on pumping gasoline or diesel, without kinetic intervention from the monkey while driving. It is called a motorcycle or a motorcycle, as it maintains the same shape as a bicycle.

What is a bicycle .

The bicycle consists mainly of two wheels pumped with air, and they are placed in two tires, the wheels are very similar to the wheels of the car with a difference in standards and criteria, in addition to a “jadon” steering wheel, a seat, and two “pedals”.

The bicycle is one of the time-saving means of transportation, as it is faster than walking. It is also a fuel-saving means of transportation, which contributes to reducing air pollution. It can be considered one of the most important health sports and a means of entertainment for children and adults.

Bicycle parts

You do not have to be an expert in bicycles if you want to buy a bicycle, you only have to deal with one of the experts of bicycle stores that you have confidence, you may have to know initially about the types of bicycles, and the main parts that make them up, especially if you are interested in knowing your new bicycle, or Those that you intend to buy for your child, so my bike store will save you the trouble of searching and provide you in detail with all the information you need when purchasing the product.

Basic components of bicycles

  • Tires and wheels
  • They are the most basic parts of bicycles, as bicycle dimensions are determined according to tire dimensions. For adult bicycles, the two most common sizes are 26-inch to 36-inch wheels, and the wheels are attached to the bottom of the bicycle frame with synthetic rubber spacers.

  • gears or chain.
  • The bicycle track is the part responsible for moving the front wheel. The track must be made of iron wrapped on a circular pulley with iron serrations, called gears, so that it can move forward when pressing the pedals.

    The track consists of a threaded set of pins, plates, and rollers that will wear out over time if not of perfect quality and from a trusted bike shop .

    • structure .

    Bicycle frames are made of many materials, and it may be made with several materials in common with each other, and the frame of the bicycle is one of the most important components of it, as the installation of all other parts depends on the strength and durability of the main structure of the bicycle, unfortunately, poor cohesion of the structure may cause a decrease in the life span of the bicycle , as the goal for which the frame material is chosen is to build the bicycle for a specific purpose for which it was made, and therefore when buying a bicycle you have to rely on a store that knows how to choose the material from which the appropriate frame is made, and the target for manufacturing, and the most important of these materials are:

    iron .


    carbon fibre.


    My Bike Store relies on quality standards when choosing factories designed for bicycle structures, which are:

    Density Awareness: It is a measure of how light or heavy a material is per unit volume of a manufactured material

    Coefficient of elasticity : It depends on the comfort, strength and efficiency of energy transfer to the wheels

    Yield resistance : Measuring the limit of endurance in terms of the strength of the structure and its flexibility in bearing strength, and measuring the muscle fatigue of cyclists

  • pedals
  • The bicycle pedal or pedal is a part of the bicycle that the knee pushes with its foot to enable the bicycle to move. The pedals are installed on the bottom bracket of the bicycle frame, and the handlebar is connected to the front wheel through a tube called the fork.

    • seat .

    Bicycle seats vary in size depending on the purpose of riding the bike, as wide seats are used for walking short distances at slow speeds, while narrow seats are used for long distances so that they allow more space for the fluctuations of the feet.

    The history of bicycles

    The first bicycle in its current form was designed in France, but the first to manufacture and develop it were the English, and companies began producing new models with a flexible iron frame, and then they used a tilted frame made of iron and other materials that quickly became a standard for the bicycle industry.

    The inventors who created modern bicycles for the first time were either blacksmiths or painters, and it is not known exactly who is the inventor of the bicycle, and the first attempts appeared through a Scottish blacksmith named Kirk Patrick Macmillan in 1847, where he invented a simple machine consisting of two wheels fixed in a wooden structure.

    The first bicycle appeared in Paris in the nineteenth century, and in 1865 French runners rode bicycles between Paris-Marseille, before it became a physical sport and international competitions were held for it, then it became a global obsession for all age groups from all countries

    types of bicycles

  • Mobility bikes .
  • Mobility bicycles are an essential means of transportation in developing countries, spreading in Africa and India, and they are usually handmade with limited capabilities, and a constant speed that weighs more than 14 kilograms and is

  • Mountain bikes
  • Mountain bikes have wide, low-pressure tires with tension knobs, flat handlebars, wide range gears with up to 27 speeds, and powerful brakes. Their flat handlebars allow for a vertical riding position. Mountain bikes weigh from 11 to 16 kg.

  • Hybrid bikes
  • Hybrid bikes combine the features of road and mountain bikes, and are generally used for recreation and for commuting in tourist areas

  • BMX bikes
  • Also called a motocross bike or dirt bike, it was invented in the 1970s.

    Bicycle facts and information

    • The pneumatic tire was invented by Englishman John Boyd in 1887.
    • The country that manufactures most bicycles is China, and it alone owns more than half a billion of them.
    • The bicycle represents the primary means of transportation in the Netherlands, and it represents 30% of the use of means of transportation, and this is a large percentage compared to other countries, and statistics indicate that seven out of ten Dutch people have a bicycle.
    • Bicycles save more than 238 million gallons of gas each year.
    • The fastest speed measured for riding a bicycle on a flat surface is 133.75 km/h.

    Now that we have given you some simple information about bicycles from my bike , it is important for you to know that cycling is one of the best forms of entertainment and entertainment as well as a safe means of transportation, and all people who want to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke seek their bikes.


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