The best types of hybrid bikes in Saudi Arabia; learn about the 6 most prominent of them

دراجة هوائية رمادية اللون
The types of hybrid bikes in Saudi Arabia can differ between men and women. There are hybrid bikes made specifically for men, and others made specifically for women. In this article, we will talk about the best types of hybrid bikes in Saudi Arabia, which are available exclusively on the Darajati website.

The best types of hybrid bikes in Saudi Arabia

There are many brands and brands that are interested in manufacturing hybrid bicycles in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but the most prominent companies in the Kingdom are the Cozon Company and the Upland Company, so we will talk in the following paragraphs about the most prominent hybrid bicycles offered by the previous companies, noting their most important specifications.

What are the most important types of hybrid bikes in Saudi Arabia from Kozon?

The French company Cozon produced hybrid bicycles that are very distinctive in their specifications. The following are the most prominent types of hybrid bicycles manufactured by the Cozon company:

X3E bike

This bike is one of the best types of hybrid bikes in Saudi Arabia. Its hydraulic disc brakes, its tires made of lightweight aluminum, and its eight speeds, all of these features made the X3E bike an ideal choice for many bike enthusiasts, because the previous features provide high performance for the bike. And the maximum possible comfort when driving, in addition to optimal speed in the various environments and roads on which you drive. Moreover, it is equipped with additional frontal assistance, to mitigate the impact of collisions when they occur.

RX400 bike

Black cozon bike

The RX400 bike has similar specifications to those of the X3E bike, with other additional features, such as the ability to drive the bike in off-road, mountain and difficult terrains that are difficult for ordinary bicycles to use.
The RX400 hybrid bike is one of the best types of hybrid bikes produced by the French brand Cousin. You can buy one from this link.

Women's hybrid bike

It is suitable for women who want to exercise their hobbies in riding a bicycle, and it is also useful for women who want to lose weight and burn calories in their bodies. This bicycle helps exercise the muscles of the thigh, knee and feet. Moreover, this type of bicycle was designed after many tests, as weight, stability, size, friction with the ground, and air resistance were tested. Even the protrusions on the outside of the bike were tested as well. All those previous tests made this bike one of the best. Types of hybrid bikes in Saudi Arabia.
After we got to know the types of hybrid bikes produced by Cozon, here is a summary of its most important specifications:
  • Lightweight frames withstand daily use.
  • Powerful and effective braking system provides safety and stability while braking.
  • Suspension system provides a comfortable and smooth ride on rough roads.
  • The smooth and precise gear change system allows for easy speed control.
  • Comfortable, adjustable seat provides comfort while riding.
  • Front and back lighting provides good visibility in the dark.
  • A holder for bottles and other things makes riding more comfortable.

Types of hybrid bikes in Saudi Arabia from Upland

Upland offers distinctive and unique hybrid bikes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as follows:

Upland Hybrid LS390 Bike

black upland bike

The LS390 is characterized by its light and durable structure and its Japanese engines, as it is equipped with three speeds in the front and eight speeds in the rear. With these features, this bike can be ridden in various ways in the city, including desert, mountainous and rugged roads, and paved and flat roads. You can also use it to improve your body fitness and lose weight. Which made it one of the best types of hybrid bikes in Saudi Arabia. You can purchase one here .

Upland Ls380X bike

The specifications of this bike are similar to the bike we mentioned earlier, but what distinguishes it is that it is capable of walking long distances in the city ( City ), or even in the countryside. We should also point out that the brakes that were supplied with it are cable brakes, which are of lower quality than hydraulic brakes.
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Types of hybrid bikes from Totem

Green totem bike

Totem produced a hybrid bicycle for women only, as it was keen in its design to build a harmonious and compatible structure to suit their modern requirements, taking into account their tastes and the partial differences with men's bicycles. For example, the distance between the saddle and handlebars on women's bikes is relatively short compared to men's bikes, and their pedals are higher than those on men's bikes. All of these details have been placed with great precision, in order to ensure a comfortable experience for women while riding bicycles. One can be purchased by clicking on this link.

Prices of types of hybrid bikes in Saudi Arabia

The prices of hybrid bikes in Saudi Arabia vary, according to the manufacturer, but in general, you can access the My Bike website from this link, and see the prices of hybrid bikes available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
In conclusion, after we got to know the most prominent types of hybrid bikes in Saudi Arabia, and after we got to know the specifications of hybrid bikes from Cozon, Totem and Upland, you can enter the My Bike website, as it offers continuous offers and discounts on its products, and also provides installment services as well.


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