What are the best types of electric scooters?

Progress was never confined to a specific field, but rather included all areas of life in which we live. Even the fields of entertainment, entertainment, and various activities are no longer simple

As it was, and today it has become so advanced that it allows access to the highest levels of entertainment.

Despite the tendency of many to acquire regular scooters, this has never limited the spread of electric scooters
In fact, the percentage of sales of different types of electric scooters has increased even more over the past years.

My bike store has become known for the products it offers that satisfy users and earn their great trust, which is
Our pride. Today, we will talk in detail about the best types of electric scooters available in India My bike shop
The most important specifications and prices of our electric scooters.

Best electric scooter for adults:

For several years, the brand (Dido) dominated the largest share in the world of electric scooters by issuing the unique Spark model, but the new model is characterized by higher specifications compared to the previous model, as it provides more power, a wider range and more comfort.
If you are looking for a comfortable ride while enjoying city views, then a scooter  The best electric scooter for adults Now available, thanks to its long-lasting battery power, energy saving system, mileage, comfortable ride and Bluetooth phone app connectivity, it makes for a truly unique driving experience.

The motor power has been upgraded from 250W to 350W, which means that going uphill will no longer be a problem and you won't have to stop in the middle of the road. The new model was also equipped with a dual braking system and backlights that allow it to be driven at night, in addition to an advanced system for speed control and kinetic energy recovery.

How many kilometers does the electric scooter travel?

As for the distance that it can travel without the need for charging, it reaches 20-30 kilometers.

What is the fastest electric scooter?

In the fast driving mode, the maximum speed of the scooter is close to 30 km/h, but it is not recommended to use this mode for a long time so that the scooter battery does not run out quickly, while in the economic or normal driving mode, the speed ranges between 15 km/h and 20 km/h .

How much weight does the scooter bear?

The scooter also features an impressive body that folds smoothly, and can carry a maximum load of 110 kilograms. The scooter app allows you to track your trip path, speed and battery life, in addition to the ability to easily control the headlights and taillights, switch the cruise control and set the alarm.

The best electric scooter
  • Features of the best electric scooter for adults

    • The presence of brakes in each of the rear disc discs, as well as the front anti-lock braking system. This means more security.
    • It is considered one of the safest electric scooters due to its robust construction, as well as the most entertaining electric scooter.
    • Its design is unique, distinctive and elegant.
    • Easy to carry as it can take a position that makes it easy to store and move it wherever you need it.

    • His kafrath is unforgivable.
    • Its light weight makes it easy to move, making it more convenient to use.
    • It is equipped with Bluetooth technology for easier communication with the mobile phone, which allows determining distances and speed.
    • Equipped with a 350W high performance motor.
    • Its battery is an excellent 36-volt lithium, which charges within a maximum period of 5 hours.
    • It comes with a rear bumper and a headlight with a power of 650 lumens which is very good for night vision.
    • Its speed ranges from 15 to 20 kilometers per hour, depending on the weight, as it can carry a load of up to 110 kg.

Our electric scooters are available in: My bike shop In gorgeous black
And at a price of about 1600 Saudi riyals.

The best brand of electric scooters:

  • mini plus smart electric scooter: The most important feature of this smart electric scooter is that it allows you to shorten distances and guarantees you a unique delivery trip that you will love.
    It is made of metal that achieves light weight and high durability, and it has a 400-watt motor and battery
    A 54-volt lithium-ion battery that charges in a maximum of 5 hours.

    This scooter can get you up to 12 miles in an hour if the weight
    Light yet it can hold up to 222 lbs lbs . Of course, this is due to its high and distinctive durability.
    It is a unique solution for entertainment and for spending the best times with family or friends.
    You can buy this smart electric scooter in black and white colors through our store
    At a price of 1390 riyals only.

    You can learn about the specifications and advantages of all this smart electric scooter through your visit
    to divide Types of electric scooters in my bike shop .

In addition to the aforementioned types of electric scooters My bike shop you can find

Other options you will like:

The best types of electric skateboards:

Distinctive mini skateboard from Dido: This type of electric skateboard is the innovative product and the premium choice of Daedo for those interested in acquiring premium products. As his small form made him with

Exquisite unique and elegant design.

Likewise, its small, high-performance engine makes it fit for distinction and provides an enjoyable driving experience
It allows you to travel long distances of up to 20 kilometers per hour with a payload
up to 120 kilograms.
Of course, its 24-volt lithium-ion battery takes up to 5 hours to charge
Maximum. It is also equipped with a remote control for easier control that gives you many options.

You will find an electric skateboard of this type in our black color and of excellent quality
At a competitive price of only 548 Saudi riyals.

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