Four-wheeled bicycles, an entire section dedicated to family entertainment or a group of people who can drive one,

The bicycles included in this section are suitable for group excursions in places close to the main residence

Because it is designed to carry more than two people and is not designed to be fast like other bikes, each family consists of

Two or more people can spend an enjoyable and wonderful recreational day through the four-wheeled bicycles that were established by the Foundation

My bike is provided to its customers in order to give the character of social cohesion and strengthen it by bringing together more than one person

With children on one bike to go out on short visits, whether it is for exploratory purposes or spending a weekend

Week in public parks within the neighborhoods residential Their own, while riding a bike, you can exchange parties to talk

Without worrying about any side things that might happen, the overall frame of the bike is designed from strong materials such as aluminium

It is characterized as solid and at the same time has a high flexibility, which qualifies it to withstand shocks and vibrations that may occur

The bike is exposed to it while driving, and it has another advantage, which is covered from the top, and this helps not to be exposed

People are never exposed to the scorching sun, but rather provide them with enough shade to show the pleasant and fun atmosphere among those present

On the bike, then they feel the extent of a state of stability on their way towards the place of entertainment that they intend to go to,

But if the family has a small child, a special seat is prepared at the front of the bike, with some safety belts provided

The child is well attached to the front seat, and the reason is that children are naturally interactive and in a constant state of movement under any circumstances

It is possible for the child to interact with a scene that he might see or someone that draws his attention so that he works to shake his hands to him with the head

It makes him lose his balance, but with the safety belts included by the manufacturer of the bike, the family should never worry

About it just tighten it up well.

Four wheel bikes

The most prominent bicycles available in this section are four-wheeled bicycles - mattresses, four-wheeled bicycles, and four-wheeled bicycles

Tires - two mattresses, a four-wheeled bike.

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