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Bicycle shops in Riyadh and the best types of bicycles? Questions asked by cycling enthusiasts, after cycling has become one of the most important sports practiced to lose excess weight. This is why we know the places to buy bicycles in Riyadh. Since there are a lot of benefits that the body gets from riding a bicycle, in addition to being a means of entertainment, this is why bicycles have become one of the things that many people are keen to buy.

Bicycle shops in Riyadh

When searching for bicycle shops in Riyadh, we primarily recommend Darajati , one of the largest electronic stores through which you can buy bicycles.
The store also offers a selection of bicycles from international brands at prices that cannot be compared to other places. In addition, my bike shop has all sizes of bicycles, whether bicycles for adults or children.
In addition, it is a one-stop-shop where you can buy everything related to cycling. Where you can buy T- shirts athletic, Athletic shorts , shoes and socks To wear while riding a bike.
My bike store also guarantees you the availability of all to cut Spare bikes. The store also provides lighting Front and rear bikes, also found in store Bicycle mattresses of all kinds.

Hybrid bike UPLAND

UPLAND Hybrid Bike Bicycle shops in Riyadh
Upland Company offers this distinctive bike that combines mountain bikes that can be driven in difficult places and sports bikes that are used for exercise and leisure.
As for the details of the bike, it came with a full light aluminum frame, which facilitates the movement of the bike with its light weight, which is 12.5 kg. Also up front is an Alloy fork that protects the bike from shock.
The bike also has a front shifter from Shimano Tourney, while the rear shifter is equipped with 8 speeds from Shimano Acera.
In addition to the brakes, they are distinguished hydraulic discs that help you control the bike well while in motion. The bike steering wheels are from Upland alloy, and the handles are from Upland grips.
While the bike specifications are as follows:
  • Shimano CS-HG200-8 rear clock.
  • The wheels are from Vuelta, while the wheel core is from Joytech Hub.
  • Tires from KENDA, size 700*35C.
  • The chain is 8 speeds from Shimano KMC.
  • The runners are from Wellgo.
  • The mattress is also Upland comfort, and the upland saddle.
  • The handlebar extension is from Neco 90mm, but the handlebar core is from UPLAND.
You can buy a bike UPLAND LS390 BLUE From my bike store at a price of 1870 Saudi riyals, much lower than the prices of bicycle shops in Riyadh.
Here is the bike size chart to choose the right size for you.
Upland bike sizing

bike Cozon Amelia Black

Cozon Amelia Black bike Bicycle shops in Riyadh
One of Cozon's distinctive bikes, which is designed with an aluminum frame, which makes its weight very light at 11.5 kg. Where the bike is characterized by the fact that it can walk on difficult roads that have many terrains, and the presence of the front fork helps in that.
It also has 8-speed Shimano acera rear shifters, and it also has hydraulic disc brakes that help stop the bike by simply pressing the button. brakes , and can slow down the speed of the bike.
In addition, the bike features a very comfortable seat and mattress from Cozon that helps you ride for long distances.
While the rest of the bike's specifications are as follows:
  • The crank operates at one speed of the prowheel.
  • Also, the gears are from Shimano, working at an 8-speed ratio.
  • Plus a KMC chain.
  • As for the rim, it is from Cozon and is made of aluminum.
  • Tires from KENDA, size 28*1.8.
  • The handlebar is from Cozon, the handlebar extension is from FSA.
The bike has many specifications that help you move between mountainous areas. A bicycle can be requested Cozon Amelia Black Through my bike store without the need to search for bicycle shops in Riyadh at a price of 2498 Saudi riyals.
Cozon bike sizing

sports bike Hybrid X3E Light Blue

Hybrid X3E Light Blue sports bike Bicycle shops in Riyadh
One of the distinctive bikes from Cozon, which is characterized by smooth running and ease of movement. The bike's body is made of very light aluminum, which adds strength, rigidity, and durability to it, and keeps its weight light, as it is 10 kg.
It also has a carbon front shock absorber front fork. In addition to the presence of aluminum rims to help resist shocks.
In addition, the bike features powerful brakes from Tektro, which are hydraulic discs that help control the speed of the bike while walking. Tires size 700 * 28 work with the CST feature, which works to resist corrosion.
In addition, the front shifter on the bike comes from Shimano Altus with 3 speeds, and the rear shifter works with 8 speeds from Shimano Acera. The bike seat has a mattress from Cozon that enables you to comfortably ride the bike for long hours.
As for the other bike specifications, they are as follows:
  • The front cassette is a Shimano cassette with 23-38-48 teeth.
  • And the chain is from Shimano KMC, working up to 8 speeds.
  • Plus the bike has a Shimano CS-HG200-8 rear derailleur.
  • The handlebar link is from Cozon, and the handlebar core is from FSA.
That is why this bike is considered one of the special bikes that can walk on uneven roads, whether it be sports motorcycles or fans of mountainous areas.
The bike is also found on my bike store, which offers competitive prices in bicycle prices, which have a big difference with bicycle shops in Riyadh, and a bicycle is available Hybrid X3E Light Blue Sports on the store at a price of 2698 Saudi riyals.
Here is the bike size chart to choose the right size for your height.
Bike sizes Bicycle shops in Riyadh

common questions

Does my bike store have bicycle accessories?

The answer is yes, on my bike store there are all bicycle accessories, as there are:

What is the difference between mountain bikes and hybrid bikes?

Mountain bikes are designed for areas with many terrains and high mountains.
While hybrid bikes are intended for difficult mountainous places, you can also take them on the roads and use them for recreation or sports.

Is cycling useful for knee roughness?

The answer is yes, the bike increases the strength of the muscles surrounding the knee area. Riding a bike does not put any pressure on the knee, unlike walking or jogging.

A quarter of an hour on the bike, how much do you burn?

A number of studies have confirmed that cycling for 45 minutes burns approximately 700 calories. So a quarter of an hour on the bike burns about 200 calories.
With this, we got acquainted with one of the most important bicycle shops in Riyadh, which is characterized by the presence of a large number of bicycles of different and distinctive types. The store also offers everything related to cycling, and you can buy it through the store easily.