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bike Multitool manual repair kit

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رقم الموديل



اسود وابيض

مادة الصنع

فولاذ مقاوم للصداء


يتوافق مع جميع الدراجات جبلي ، هجين و الرود وهي أداة إزالة قاطع السلسلة المتينه


  1. مجموعة ادوات متعددة الاستخدامات
  2. جودة أداة الدراجة الاحترافية فولاذ مقاوم للشد
  3. تتضمن 7مفاتيح سداسية لمجموعة مفاتيح ( ١ فيليب ، ١ مفكات براغي مسطحة (#٢) ، ١ مفتاح لازالة قاطع السلسلة ، مفتاح ٣ قضبان 


A really suitable manual repair kit to avoid most of the situations that can happen to you while you are riding a bicycle

On the outside, vibration is one of the permanent states where the bike is along the road which in turn with the passing

Time loosens and loosens bolts and connection points under any given moment of driving, the effect of which is possible

Because of him, he breaks or bends and twists one of the parts of the bike during movement, in addition to the negligence that can lead to

Rust , especially in parts such as the transmission chain, becomes vulnerable to corrosion and many other forms of damage

All of the reasons we mentioned earlier are very likely to surprise you sometimes and leave you stuck at the end during your trip in case

You don't have such a great and versatile tool to fix some things to get you riding your bike again, realistically

This is what you should do with a multi-use tool that provides you with the necessary tools to fix your bike well

Enough to get you to your front door again, this versatile tool is an engineering and industrial marvel that offers plenty of...

Trouble-shooting options are especially surprising, and this handy repair kit is high-quality and comfortable enough to use on any occasion

On a regular basis - as at home on a workbench as in a backpack or shirt pocket.

Motives for buying a manual repair kit

It contains many essential, high-performance tools such as hex wrenches that will most likely help you in lifting

A tire or chain tool to fix most types of breakdowns that allows you to assemble and disassemble a bike if you want to,

In addition to containing multiple tools and hidden by the holes in it, its size is not large and is very convenient to carry

On your hand but preferably carried in a backpack or seat bag Never worry about its weight, some tools are magnetic

It helps you fix the pieces in place on the tool itself or on the bike, you can separate and collect them according to your need.

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Manual repair kit

  • A multi-tool kit for the integrated bike that includes
  • 7 hexagonal wrenches for a set of wrenches (1 Phillips, 1 flat 0.136 screwdrivers) all inclusive for your mountain, road and bicycle tools
  • Quality: Professional Bike Tool Quality Tensile Steel: Made of CR-V + Chamfered End, 15% higher than DIN ISO Standard.
  • Size: As long as a profile or credit card made of
  • Alumenum, you can easily carry it or
  • Store in saddle bag and handlebar bag
  • your own before use
  • The package includes the following: Ed Watt M14 Roller Quick Repair Kit
  • Maine size in order to attach the bike chain with ease.
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