Gel Bike Seat Cover غطاء وسادة جل مريح لمقعد الدراجة الهوائية - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية
Gel Bike Seat Cover غطاء وسادة جل مريح لمقعد الدراجة الهوائية - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية

Comfortable gel bike seat cushion cover

40.00 ر.س

شامل الضريبة

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العلامة التجارية


رقم الموديل




مادة الصنع

قماش مقاوم للانزلاق والطبقة الداخلية وسادة مقعد على اتصال مع النسيج مع نقاط الغراء لضمان عدم الانزلاق مع المقعد


يتوافق مع مقاعد تاتي بقطر 240 -140 مم


  1. سهل التركيب ، جل منخفض التكلفة سيجعل السرج الخاص بك يشعر أفضل بكثير
  2. مريح ومتين ومثالي لركوب الدراجات لمسافات طويلة
  3. السطح مصنوع من قماش مقاوم للانزلاق


Comfortable gel cushion cover for bicycle seat provides you with a comfortable surface to sit on without feeling tired on your bones

The thighs area while riding a bicycle on various roads, whether it is bumpy or not, if you are from

People who like to ride for a long time while ensuring their comfort while driving, whether driving for the purpose of going to

Your school or any use as a means of commuting or enjoying it in the internal roads of your place of residence with friends

And the family will need a soft cushion that will relieve you of the trouble of prolonged sitting, and there are a number of additional benefits that it provides

Cycling provides such a great burning of calories and thus reduces any possibility of disease

the heart.

About a comfortable bike seat gel cushion cover

It is very likely that you have invested your money in order to help you in the exercise of excellent beneficial exercises from

In order to stay in shape whether you are a professional cyclist or a beginner you will need something well knitted to fit

Your sitting area is like this bike seat comfort gel cushion cover, in case you don't get a proper cushion you will get hurt

With many bruises in the thighs or hips that rub directly with the bad saddle so we are always working on it

Providing the best and finest types of cushions that protect you from all of the above in order to ensure that you ride your bike in a healthy way

And safe, the wider the mattress, any wide that fits your seating area, but often you will find it difficult

In obtaining a high-quality saddle that suits the needs of the economy, it is often expensive because it is

Designed and prepared for this purpose, in case you do not get it, you will definitely find difficulty, discomfort and stability while driving

The bicycle here comes the role of the padded covers to be installed on the seat without losing any large sums of money,

Thus, you will be able to go and spend your rides on your favorite bike comfortably, while spending small amounts of money


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You can't enjoy leisure time for your bike when you are in pain so we provide you medical gel cover it isComfortable, durable and perfect for long distance cycling

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