Giyo GP-861S Mountain CNC Mini Pump منفاخ صغير للدراجات الهوائية الجبلية - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية
Giyo GP-861S Mountain CNC Mini Pump منفاخ صغير للدراجات الهوائية الجبلية - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية
Giyo GP-861S Mountain CNC Mini Pump منفاخ صغير للدراجات الهوائية الجبلية - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية

Mini inflator for mountain bikes

75.00 ر.س

شامل الضريبة

the description

اسم الشركة المصنعه



بلد المنشأ


قوة الضغط

120 psi

نوع البلف





145 g

موديل المنتج

Giyo GP-861S

المادة المصنعه

معدن +بلاستيك 

مواصفات المنتج

منفاخ دراجة هوائية سهل الاستخدام والحمل  علي الدراجة 

ضغط هواء ممتاز

، عملي جدا،ياتي مع مقياس لضغط الهواء، مناسب لدراجات الرود والهجين 


Mini Inflator for Mountain Bikes Take it with you wherever you want to go when you take this inflator with you on the go

Driving your bike you realize how important it is considering the worst-case scenarios that can happen to the wheels of the bike,

This blower is one of the best options available when you want a practical, portable and powerful blower.

Pumps are an important and necessary thing for all bicycle lovers, especially professional riders

Thanks to continuous practice, they gained all this experience, which appears clearly while riding bikes

Mountain air in unpaved roads, that is, arid, which is characterized by the presence of bumps, potholes, and multiple terrains along

The road, many of us know very well that for unpaved roads it is necessary to use mountain bikes that are usually designed

In a customized way, with specific additions such as the fork and others that act as a facilitator for smooth movement and driving

Not only stop on unpaved roads by professionals only but also include paved roads so you should

Providing a dedicated pump for this type of road because you need it to fill the wheels of your bike with the required air, which is important

Extremely, and the reason is that you cannot know the condition you are going through while driving if you are puncturing your bike wheels as a result

You need to patch it or air leaks as a result of a defect. Of course, you need to have a blower permanently with you so that you can

Perform the required repair and then make your way off your mountain bike, to get a mini bike pump

Mountain air All you have to do is go to my bike's official website and then buy this pump without any hassle

Any tiredness or effort from you

Small inflator for mountain bikes, suitable for weight

The development department dedicated by the Taiwanese company Geo, which is concerned with the development of these blowers, was able to design a product that fits perfectly

Mountain bikes, the pump was made to be very light in weight, so you can carry it with you anywhere while you are riding

For a bicycle, the weight is estimated at only 154 grams.

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Mini inflator for mountain bikes

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