gloves with star Men Women Half Finger With Gel Padded قفازات نص اصبع - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية
gloves with star Men Women Half Finger With Gel Padded قفازات نص اصبع - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية

gloves with star Men Women Half Finger With Gel Padded

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شامل الضريبة

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العلامة التجارية


رقم الموديل



اسود + رصاصي

مادة الصنع

جلد صناعي 


يتوفر مع جميع الاحجام و يستخدم لكل انواع الدراجات


  1.  قفازات مبطنة لركوب الدراجات
  2. تم تجهيزها ببطانة خاصة تساعد على تقليل تنميل اليدين من خلال تحسين الدورة الدموية ومعادلة الضغط في الأنسجة الرخوة في اليد
  3. سهلة الارتداء و الخلع


Half-finger gloves lined from the inside with a separate layer that acts as an additional protection unit for the palm of the cyclist's hand

Controlling the sweat that comes out of the hand, generally wearing gloves is not limited only in the winter and that is considered

As an essential element in it, even the summer season is not less important at all, by wearing appropriate gloves for it. Some of you may see

They do not have clear functions like in winter, but there are gloves dedicated to this season called half gloves

Fingers and sometimes without fingers are often characterized by the fact that they are lined and finely woven, thus helping to grip the rods

The steering wheel is tight and comfortable. Another benefit is the protection of the driver's fingers and hands when he falls from cuts

likely to be exposed to.

More information about half finger gloves

Once you have a pair of these fingerless gloves you will be able to take longer rounds of cases

Don't wear this pair, don't worry about its tightness it is very wide does not affect any does not stop the circulation of it

Perfectly loose without losing your grip on the handlebars. The cushioning technology used is called the Castel Damping System.

The technology was used by Lotte producing company not only in order to fully control the handlebars while driving in the terrain

Sharp but prevents damage to the main fabric component of the glove , which often when exposed to excessive prolonged impact makes it

Tear over time, the gloves are made of reinforced synthetic leather to be suitable for both men and women

Keeping the palm soft and well-distributed according to the palm, with small holes for good ventilation distributed

In a light mesh shape, the glove has been rated by riders as a perfect fit to be one of the most suitable summer gloves, as it

It is a very simple and ideal option for cycling while maintaining the overall balance of the bike without any imbalance in the bike.

If the gloves are poorly made, with these gloves your grip will be balanced.

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Half finger gloves

light_3f93a317-772b-4e0e-a636-cc89d35a4854 - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية light_3f93a317-772b-4e0e-a636-cc89d35a4854 - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية