Men Black Cycling Shorts شورت قصير  رجالي لركوب للدراجات الهوائية.

Men's cycling shorts

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Size: M

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العلامة التجارية


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80% بوليستر 


إدارة الرطوبة  يحتفظ بشكله لفترات طويلة، فلا يتكسّر أو يتجعّد بشكلٍ كبير

نوع الشورت

شورت قصير 

الفئة المستهدفة


فئة الرياضة

الدراجات الرياضية الرود ، جبلي و هجين

توافر الاحجام

يتوفر بمقاسات  قياسية لشعور مريح وسهل


يغسل في الغسالة بماء بارد ، ثم يجفف على درجة منخفضة


  1.   يتميز بالمتانة والراحة والحماية من أشعة الشمس

    2 تصميم تشريحي متعدد اللوحات

    3 شريط ساق مطوي ، حزام خصر مطاطي

     4 سم 4) وسادة مقعد Bodyfit

    5  عناصر عاكسة للرؤية منخفضة الإضاءة

    6 قفل مسطح طبقات لمزيد من الراحة


Men's cycling shorts are an excellent choice for most cyclists who are looking for

Shorts that fit them and withstand wearing them in various weather environments while riding bicycles. The shorts appear beautifully

Attractive, even the texture is soft and comfortable, which makes you live in a state of necessary stability while driving

Donin, which specializes in the manufacture of bicycle equipment, created a special team to develop these shorts

After they were able to conduct many extensive studies and analyze them while listening to the opinions of professional riders on how to make

This short fits them, until they came up with this unique design, the company was able to produce shorts suitable for the region

The thighs, taking into account the friction that occurs during driving between the thighs , are permanently arranged, making the shorts

It has the ability to live for long periods in spite of this friction, and the manufacturer made sure to use it

Polyester in a large amount in the general composition of the shorts because of its ability to withstand friction and moisture resistance

By dissipating it in a unique and tight technical way, you never have to worry about men'scycling shorts because

Its quality is high and known to most amateur and professional riders, as well as those working in this field

The polyester component of the shorts is about 80% of the total material manufactured for the shorts, so it is very important to have

This is a really cool and excellent shorts.

Men's short cycling shorts

When we talk about technology in these shorts, we mean the technical characteristics that are included in it during its manufacture

Before the Donin company, it must have specific technological characteristics that distinguish it from the rest of the shorts available in

Ordinary markets so the team involved in its development was able to identify all these characteristics, the shorts have the ability to manage

Humidity that results from the driver's body and moisture resulting from the external environment while driving, as well as the ability to maintain shape

for as long as possible, in addition to the feature of not cracking and wrinkling in a clear manner, as in shorts

Other regular bikes that are not designed for cycling.

Men's shorts for riding

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