QUICK RELEASES  كويك ريليز.
QUICK RELEASES  كويك ريليز.


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سبائك الالمونيوم


يتوافق مع جميع الدراجات جبلي ، هجين و الرود


  1. اجزاء متينة و عملية لدراجتك
  2. خفيف الوزن ومحمول. سهلة التشغيل ومريحة وعملية


Quick Release New parts of the tools are made of aluminum alloy which is durable, sturdy and practically dustproof

They are amazingly perfect for most types of bicycles as they fit many axles, long arm unit

Fits the rear wheel, it comes hollow with the possibility of quick release, while the arm of the short unit fits the front wheel

Its hollow shaft also has a quick release feature, often when you get your mountain bike on and ride it on the base

Regular You may go with it in flooded places on tracks where the wheels are completely submerged under the water

Directly while you're pedaling, this condition isn't a problem for all mountain bikers because they do this

It's so frequently that they expect mountain bikes to help them do these amazing things , while doing this

Movements Everything about the bike becomes completely stable except for the quick releases. Once you ride it, you feel that it was made in a way

The best shaft extends in the middle of the axle up, so you don't have to worry about how tightly the wheels don't move


Quick Release Efficient Performance

Through the tool, you do not find any design error in the pieces so that you do not need them, but the pieces themselves are beautiful, wonderful and accurate in

Its general design, it fits you perfectly when you need some component parts for Quick Release and this is really great, with the tool

Never worry about it when you are riding your bicycle on the road, sometimes you may have to remove the front tire

In order to transport the bike in your truck, all you have to do is replace the front axle

It is very important that you measure them very carefully before you make the replacement process by using bearing nuts and cones

To make sure that the dimensions are completely identical, then there is no problem at all, the tool is produced by Cozon

Known to be specialized in the field of manufacturing bicycles in addition to its equipment and tools.

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quick release

Secure your wheels and seat with these quick release locking skewers and seat mounting nuts. This kit is designed to replace the Quick Wheel and Seat Lift Tools, as often the need for a tool is sufficient to bend the wheel. The Trans-X features a special 5-sided Allen wrench, which screws into the end of the skewers to remove or install the wheels or seat when necessary.

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