Sticker Remover | مزيل الاستكر - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية
Sticker Remover | مزيل الاستكر - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية

Sticker Remover | Sticker remover

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Dr . CHEM+ -  دي ار كيم

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يستخدم مزيل الاستيكر للبقايا التي يصعب إزالتها بسبب إزالة الملصقات يمكن استخدام المنتج على مختلف الأسطح بما في ذلك الزجاج والمرايا والسيراميك والخشب والمعادن والبلاستيك.

طريقة الاستخدام


يتم رش المنتج على سطح الملصق أو الإعلان، ثم كشطه بلطف باستخدام كاشط بلاستيكي، وسيزول الملصق تمامًا دون جهد.



  • تركيبة فعالة تذيب الصمغ اللاصق بسرعة
  • إزالة سهلة ونظيفة للملصقات من مختلف الأسطح
  • لا يترك أي آثار أو بقع بعد الاستخدام
  • آمن على معظم الأسطح
  • سهل الاستخدام بواسطة رش وكشط بسيط


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The sticker remover is the most suitable option for when you want to remove stickers, it is very rare that you do not find someone who has it

A beloved character to his heart, such as the cartoon characters represented by superheroes, Detective Conan, Gumball, and others

Famous personalities, or perhaps real personalities and not cartoons such as players, celebrities, etc., are always there

We find their pictures adorning the adhesive stickers that you may have placed on your bicycle to add

It has a kind of beauty and expresses how close you are to this famous character, whether it is a cartoon or a real character

Because of its extraordinary strength or uniqueness and creativity in the work and activities that it performs on a daily basis, such as playing football

For football celebrities or even pictures of the best specialized riders who have won international awards in the field of bicycles

The antenna, but you want to remove this souvenir photo, perhaps for the reason that it has been worn out or for a long time and you want to renew it with another

New or maybe you don't want it to exist at all. When I decided to remove it, I found it difficult to remove this

For this reason, you have to buy this sticker remover for you so that you can remove them permanently without leaving any traces

For sticker residue, this remover is one of the best we provide to our customers, we highly recommend it

Make this sticker among the necessary toolsfor your bicycle .

The remover works very efficiently

When the sticker is made, it is coated with an adhesive that acts as a fixative for the sticker

Sticking becomes very difficult to remove easily, especially the stickers that have been on the bike for a long time

And with exposure to sunlight during this period, the adhesion is very large. This remover was formulated from chemical formulas that work to dismantle the adhesive into its initial particles in order to facilitate the removal of the sticker. What distinguishes this remover is

It removes without leaving any traces of the adhesive, so that the bike returns to the way it was in the first place

Another sticker or leave it as it is.

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Sticker remover

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