Upland Impreza 200 دراجة هوائية  رود رياضية.
Upland Impreza 200 دراجة هوائية  رود رياضية.
Upland Impreza 200 دراجة هوائية  رود رياضية.
Upland Impreza 200 دراجة هوائية  رود رياضية.
Upland Impreza 200 دراجة هوائية  رود رياضية.
Upland Impreza 200 دراجة هوائية  رود رياضية.
Upland Impreza 200 دراجة هوائية  رود رياضية.

Road sport bike

3,050.00 ر.س

شامل الضريبة

The right bike for your height: 50 cm

50 cm

the description


الهيكل الومنيوم خفيف جدا

 اسلاك مخفية



الشوكة من الالومنيوم

مغيرات السرعة

Shimano sora, 9-speed  


Shimano sora, 2-speed  



قير امامي ٢ سرعات نوع شيمانو سورا


قير خلفي ٩ سرعات نوع  شيمانو سورا




الفرامل  حافه كيبل من شركة بروماكس 






Shimano sora, 50/34 



Shimano sora, 11x34, 9-speed  





R25الجنط المونيوم  


, 700x 25c   كيندا  مقاس 


 مرتبه رياضيه جل مريحه وطبية








وصلة المقود


امبريزا 200

لانك تستحق الافضل دراجتي تقدم لك المتعه والاثاره

A road sport bike is a sub-category of bikes geared towards cyclists

Who want the versatility on different surfaces for hybrid bikes,

And at the same time they want a style characterized by the aggressiveness of the ways assigned to him, the genre usually

Its steering wheel is flat or vertical, its seat is usually relatively small, designed to withstand high performance, and it is not a large seat.

It comes with Japanese motors, represented by the gearbox, the front gearbox is of the Shimano Sora type, it comes with two speeds,

The rear gear is from Shimano Sora, 9 speeds, so you can take as many rides as you want

There is only one in the city or the countryside, the Upland sports bike with its light frame and solid wheels

It provides you with the necessary speed and ease of movement when you are driving in different kinds of roads

Because you deserve the best, the Upland sports bike is the one that offers you fun and excitement while you are riding the bike

sport bike road brake:

The importance of braking represents safety for the cyclist, so it must be given special attention

When buying any sports bike, a sports bike is equipped with cable brakes

Rim manufactured by Promax, which specializes in the manufacture of brake units

Which is a good option, but not the best, especially when you want to stand up suddenly.

With rim brakes, you may have to replace them with hydraulic disc brakes of higher quality.

And if you want to change it, you can order it directly through our store, because it is considered the best and finest type of brake pads.

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Road Sport Bike Rank:

Bicycle mattresses vary according to the type of bike and the nature of its manufacturing components

The Road Bike Sports Mattress is a compact type sport mattress for what fits

This type of bike is also made of gel to be resistant to corrosion and maintain its quality

It is medical according to specific specifications in order to provide the necessary stability for the leader when driving a sports bike

According to the manufacturing characteristics of this mattress, you guarantee its necessary quality so that you do not have to

To exchange it for another of better quality


Road sport bike

Road sport bike

Bike size guide: