VADER SPER SOFT Seat Saddle مرتبة مريحة للدراجة الهوائية - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية
VADER SPER SOFT Seat Saddle مرتبة مريحة للدراجة الهوائية - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية
VADER SPER SOFT Seat Saddle مرتبة مريحة للدراجة الهوائية - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية

Comfortable bike seat

85.00 ر.س

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وسادة اسفنجية عالية الجودة


يتوافق مع جميع انواع الدراجات  


  1. سهل التركيب ، يضمن لك قيادة أكثر أمانًا 
  2. تهوية ممتازة مما يجعل الدراجة اكثر استقرارا و راحة
  3. حيث يعمل مقعد الدراجة المريح والداعم من الناحية التشريحية على توزيع الضغط من ظهرك عبر سطح السرج و يقضي على آلام الظهر


A comfortable bicycle mattress that shows the true creativity of the manufacturer and developer of this mattress, Vader

The company is known for its leadership in the manufacture of bicycle equipment and accessories such as mattresses

Dedicated to bicycles, Vader is known by amateur and professional riders for its high quality, well-designed products

Uniquely, the department involved in the development of this mattress was able to see the ways in which the cyclist's weight affected the mattress

In addition to the effect of vertical force on the mattress, they were able to produce a comfortable bicycle mattress for

Ensuring adequate comfort for the cyclist, the mattress is designed to provide high relaxation when you are riding your bike

Specialized in entertainment venues in order to practice your sporting activity, the team dedicated to its development was keen to manufacture

A basic structure that meets and adapts to many different conditions by means of the structure's ability to adapt to the stresses placed upon it

When you sit on it and thus reduce the effects that fall on you during the movement of the bike, be sure to drive your bike

in any environment or condition in which riding is possible, with a comfortable mattress designed specifically for bicycles

Never worry, for your convenience, you will get it completely thanks to its great features such as flexibility and great strength

Provided by you, you can travel long distances without any fatigue or exhaustion.

Comfortable foam cushioned bike mattress

Comfortable bicycle mattress The developer of it is Vedder, the mattress is designed by the dedicated team after

That they studied and analyzed many factors such as the effect of the cyclist's weight on the mattress down with the effect of the surface on which he rides

The bike, they concluded that all this load falls directly on a sitting place, and the effect is on the back muscles, here

The developing team worked to provide a comfortable mattress that has the ability to reduce this effect to the least possible extent to ensure comfort and stability

cyclist while driving, this design is the result of all these studies, the mattress comes with a layer of resilient foam that provides

The necessary contraction and expansion to give immediate comfort to the driver thanks to the foam's rubber pores.

A bicycle mattress provides comfort when riding a bike for long distances

Anti-compressive synthetic rubber

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Comfortable bike seat

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