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Comfortable bike seat

85.00 ر.س

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يتوافق مع جميع انواع الدراجات  


  1. سهل التركيب ، يضمن لك قيادة أكثر أمانًا 
  2. تهوية ممتازة مما يجعل الدراجة اكثر استقرارا و راحة
  3. حيث يعمل مقعد الدراجة المريح والداعم من الناحية التشريحية على توزيع الضغط من ظهرك عبر سطح السرج و يقضي على آلام الظهر


A comfortable seat for bicycles that comes with a beautiful structural design made of metal that has the ability to adapt when sitting

It and these metal parts have been completely hidden to have an elegant and tidy appearance through the homogeneity of its shape and size as a block

One when you sit on it while you are riding a bicycle, it does not matter where you are riding the bike at all, whether it is on the roads

Flat or semi-flat and it doesn't matter the environment and circumstance in which you drive also anyway. by seat

Comfortable for bicycles You ensure your relaxation while driving and thus have fun with your friends in any entertainment environment

In which it is located, the capacity of the basic structure on which the seat is built has sufficient capacity to respond to the challenges that it is exposed to such as

Its ability to provide smoothness during movement as well as provide a safe surface environment during collisions and vibrations resulting from

The bike is driven by the driver, and the seat is equipped with a surface layer made of sponge that is usually

It is in the form of bubbles compact with each other, with voids, and its main function is to make the seat flexible

Also, the sponge is in the form of randomly distributed crystals, and the interstitial spaces are irregular, which makes the seat that

Riding on a bicycle, it acquires a spongy nature, which counteracts the vibrations generated while driving, which

It helps the driver in an amazing way, and thus increases the possibility of traveling long distances without feeling any fatigue or fatigue

Fatigue due to a bad seat, so we highly recommend that you buy it now to live an excellent driving experience, especially in

Various trips you take with family or friends.

Comfortable seat for stability bikes

When we talk about the stability provided by the comfortable seat, we are talking about the many situations that the cyclist goes through while riding

Driving When anyone thinks of riding a bicycle on bumpy roads or even on normal roads, he is exposed in a similar way

Continuous vibrations as a result of potholes, bumps, stones and many other things that are likely to happen

He meets her while driving, and all of this requires a fixed seat that rides on the bike to absorb everything that is exposed to it

What distinguishes the comfortable seat made by Vader, which specializes in manufacturing various seats.

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Comfortable bike seat

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