The cheapest bicycle in Saudi Arabia

أرخص دراجة هوائية في المملكة العربية السعودية - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية
The cheapest bicycle in Saudi Arabia
A bicycle is one of the wonderful things that many young people, children and adults love. Many people search through websites for technical specifications and different forms of bicycles. Perhaps the budget that you allocate to buy a bicycle is the basis when searching, and this is what we will show you in this article, in which we have allocated all types of bicycles in terms of preference for use, and the appropriate price.
When you are looking for the cheapest bicycle in Riyadh, it may seem difficult. There are many shops and bicycle stores scattered in the city of Riyadh. We offer you the cheapest and best bicycle in Riyadh, which is ideal in terms of elegance and use.
The Cozon brand road bike is ideal in terms of shape and use, if you are a fan of cycling in your city, shopping and meeting your needs. Even if you want to go to work, we recommend this type of bicycle, as the Cozon bicycle comes with several advantages, including
A beautiful appearance that you can perceive from long distances, which makes you distinguished by this bike when driving it on different roads, such as roads designated for cycling, especially in cities, which are usually planned with tracks specially prepared for them.
Road carbon bicycle is the true meaning of luxury and good taste, and the perfect purchase thanks to the technology included in it
Designing the smallest details based on the carbon material, which is known for its light weight and more modern than all categories
It is fast and ready to be used on various adventures without losing any of its amazing appeal
High performance, especially with its high wind resistance, when you think of buying a bike, it is the right choice and comfortable to ride
Available in all sizes and colors from my bike store
Cozon bicycle price from my bike store
The price of the bike ranges from 3000 SAR to 8500 SAR
The cheapest bicycle in Jeddah
Pioneers bike from Island Bike is your perfect choice to buy a bike in Jeddah, the bike has a number of characteristics that distinguish it from them
Technology influences the design of carbon road bike components that are more advanced
Lighter than some of the others, it's fast, light, smooth and ready for adventure
High performance and one of the latest road bikes.
Windproof'' is your right choice for a comfortable and confident ride
Riding a pioneer bike from the country helps you not to feel tired and exhausted
The price of the pioneer bicycle from Upland ranges between 2000 Saudi riyals and up to 6000
The cheapest bicycle for children in Saudi Arabia
Cozon bicycle for children of all sizes suitable for children represents one of the best options available to the child if you are looking for a bicycle that helps children in their proper development through the exercise of bicycles
Cozon kids bike is specially designed to provide high efficiency and excellent activity for children
Made of aluminium, which is characterized by high strength, durability and light weight
It is supported by huge upgrades of its various units from the leading Japanese manufacturer Shimano bicycle frame for children
All-purpose construction used in the manufacture of this bike adapts to a multitude of environments and conditions
Kozon Company was keen to allocate a team that developed the frame of the bike, the team decided to adopt aluminum because of its high flexibility and light weight, which made the frame appear in this beautiful shape in addition to other characteristics
Through these unique features, the child can perform the best possible driving experience with this bicycle.
The speeds included in it enable the child to participate in the available competitions, or drive it with family or friends in various entertainment venues.
Stable and balanced during movement, it was provided with a fork made of aluminum, whose primary function is to absorb shocks and vibrations
The price of a children's bicycle in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ranges between 400 Saudi riyals and up to 1000 Saudi riyals
The cheapest women's bicycle in Jeddah
Crystal Totem Women's Bicycle This bike is specially designed for women starting from the overall structure
The designers were keen to build a symmetrical and compatible structure to suit the modern requirements of bicycles, taking into account the tastes of women and the partial differences with men's bicycles, such as the distance between the saddle and the handlebar (scale) is relatively short, with the addition of the front end of the bicycle designed to be relatively higher, all of these details have been placed with great precision To ensure a comfortable driving experience to enhance confidence while driving for women
A comfortable bike seat that gives you an excellent riding experience when you ride this bike, especially on recreational trips and other different driving places.
It makes you feel physically and psychologically comfortable due to the vital processes resulting from stimulating the muscles and lungs, thanks to inhaling the open air
Equipped with an additional double cover with memory foam for maximum comfort, this cover is resistant to different weather conditions, hot, cold and rain
It is supported by a front basket and a rear seat
The basic shape and specifications of the Crystal Totem women's bicycle have undergone major modifications so that their shape matches women's tastes.
Especially with the advent of modern supplies and equipment such as the front basket and the back seat, you can use the front basket to carry light items, or you can use it to shop from different shops,
As for the back seat, you can use it to suit you, as you attach a child seat and others to it
This bike contains mudguards (flaps), which aims to prevent mud and volatile liquids resulting from the friction process between the bike tires and the surface while driving, and thus you maintain your wonderful look
The general frame is made of aluminum, where aluminum was chosen to manufacture the general structure of the women’s bicycle, because of its industrial characteristics compared to the rest of the manufacturing materials used in the manufacture of bicycles. This bicycle has light weight, durability and rigidity.
The price of the women's bicycle from Darajati ranges between 1400 and 1800 Saudi riyals.


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