Bicycle damage

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  • 1. Bicycle damage
  • 1.1 The effects of the bicycle on the muscles of the body
    • 1.1.1 Damages of the bicycle to the neck muscles
    • 1.1.2 Damages of the bicycle to the muscles of the arm
    • 1.1.3 Bicycle damage to the hand
    • 1.1.4 Bicycle damage to the back
  • 1.2 Tricycle
  • 1.3 Benefits of riding a bicycle
  • 1.5 Frequently asked questions about bicycle damage
    • 1.5.1 How do I learn to ride a bicycle?
    • 1.5.2 Does cycling affect the prostate?
    • 1.5.3 What are the disadvantages of bicycles in general?
    • 1.5.4 Is riding a bicycle daily harmful?

Damages of the bicycle, which scientific studies have proven, will return to the cyclist if he misuses it, or uses it in an exaggerated way. This is what we will learn about in detail in the paragraphs of our topic today, in addition to learning about the benefits of bicycles and the best types through the My Bike website , which allows its rider to avoid all risks.

The effects of a bicycle on the muscles of the body

After getting to know the damages of the bicycle in general, we will move you to learn about the most prominent damages to the various muscles of the body, which are:

Damage to the bicycle on the neck muscles

The pain that cyclists experience in the neck area is the most common pain, which occurs due to improper sitting on poor-quality wheel seats. Therefore, it is possible to resort to buying bicycles that contain a front seat that helps in sitting upright and healthy through the My Bike website .

The damage of the bicycle on the muscles of the arm

Downhill and off-road mountain bikers have a moderate risk of arm injury due to repeated collisions. The ideal solution to avoid these collisions lies in wearing a mountain head helmet , knee and arm protectors , which are available on my bike website at the best price and is the best solution that can be resorted to.

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Bicycle damage to the hand

Irritation usually occurs in the nerves of the hand passing through the underside of the wrist, and this irritation is accompanied by pain in the pinky and ring fingers. It is often caused by standing still for a long time in one position. For your information, this damage was not issued by the competent official authorities, but as a matter of precaution, you must be careful to balance its ride in this case, and move the hand from time to time.

Bicycle damage to the back

In most cases, riding a bicycle incorrectly leads to pain in the lower back, through the buttocks and thighs.

In this case, it is possible to resort to obtaining bicycles that provide comfort because they contain practical, solidly padded sports mattresses through the official My Bike website .

In addition, weight loss falls under the harms of a bicycle for those suffering from tuberculosis, and excessive thinness, because riding it helps to enhance the fat burning process, so it is necessary to balance riding it, and using city bikes that are specially designed for less effort via my bike site . It can also be considered as a benefit for obese people.


To avoid exposure to bicycle damage, we want to recommend to you a " tricycle " designed specifically for use in exercise due to its consistent construction that meets the health and modern requirements of lovers of sports , mountain and road bikes .

It is worth noting that the bike helps all those who fear exposure to bicycle damage resulting from riding it incorrectly by providing complete comfort while activating the muscles of the body and the muscles of the lungs because it is equipped with a double sponge cover that is resistant to external factors.

In view of its manufacture, the three-wheeled bicycle has many advantages, which are:

  • Lightweight aluminum body.
  • The fork is made of light metal.
  • It has variable speeds with 7 different speeds.
  • It is easy to carry, with a weight of 16 kg.
  • The crank is of the Prowheel type - PR-42T.

And you can get the tricycle through the official Darajati website in Tiffany color at only 1589 Saudi riyals, which is a very competitive price according to its many features.

Benefits of riding a bicycle

Although there are many disadvantages of a bicycle, there are also multiple benefits resulting from the practice of riding it continuously, which are:

  1. Scientific studies have proven that cycling helps in slimming the body quickly and effectively while adding fun and entertainment while exercising for those who suffer from problems of excessive obesity and difficult-to-burn fats in different areas of the body, and to obtain the required agility.
  2. Riding a bicycle also helps save money while burning fat instead of paying a lot of costs for a subscription to gyms. On the other hand, saving money in reaching certain destinations without wasting money on public transportation and car gasoline.
  3. It also works to strengthen the muscles of the heart, the knee, and the muscles of the lower part of the body in particular, in addition to maintaining the regularity of cholesterol, blood pressure, and sugar because of the kinetic sports benefits that result from it.
  4. According to the research of mental health scientists, the bicycle is useful in strengthening mental and psychological abilities, and reducing depression, anxiety, and stress, which results in improving physical health.

    To enjoy all the benefits that we mentioned above, in addition to avoiding the possibility of bicycle damage, you should resort to the My Bike website , which offers multiple other services with the best types of sports bicycles. For example:



    In the context of clarifying the damages of the bicycle, and its benefits to the body, here is the UPLAND LS 390 WHITE hybrid bike , which helps in acquiring all the sports benefits, and avoids exposure to one of the damages that we mentioned, due to its manufacture in a way that serves the body, and meets all healthy sports demands.

    On the other hand, the bike contains things that distinguish it from other regular bikes, which are:

    • The body is made of lightweight aluminum.
    • Alloy fork.
    • Tires are of kinda size
    • It has single-speed forward and eight-speed reverse gearshifts.
    • The Upland mattress is sporty, comfortable, and has a double foam cover.
    • It is easy to carry as it weighs only 12 kg.

    You can get the UPLAND LS 390 WHITE bike through my bike website in white, at a competitive price compared to its unique features, which is 1398 SAR instead of 1870. Knowing that there is a special discount of up to 20%, and for a limited time only, buy now and get the offer.

    Here are the measurements for the Upland bike to find the right length for you

    Upland bike sizing

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    Frequently asked questions about bicycle damage

    How do I learn to ride a bicycle?

    • First of all, the seat must be set relatively inclined forward to be able to sit upright.
    • The first start of driving is on a slightly downward sloping road, which is safe for vehicular traffic.
    • Start with a slightly smaller bike to make sure you are in contact with the ground, and stabilize yourself when imbalanced.
    • Adjust the caliber of the bike moderately, and start riding gradually after that.
    • My bike website offers many bikes that are suitable for beginners to ride.

    Does riding a bike affect the prostate?

    A man's risk of prostate cancer increases if he rides a bike for more than 9 hours a week, but for less than that there is no risk for him.

      Is riding a bike daily harmful?

      The answer is no, but it is always recommended to ride it for those who suffer from problems of obesity, laziness, muscle stiffness, and joints for at least half an hour a day because of its multiple benefits for the body. You can also buy sports bikes through the My Bike website to gain the most prominent benefits that we mentioned above.

      Thus, we have come to the end of our topic after we gave you a detailed explanation of the damages of the bicycle, and its benefits as well, in addition to mentioning the most prominent types of bicycles that help achieve the aforementioned benefits through the official Darajati website. And to inquire about any information on the other hand, you can share it with us in the comments to answer it.


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