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أفضل أنواع الدراجات الهجينة - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية

Types of hybrid bikes in my bike shop as well as the best types of women's bikes and kids' bikes

In a previous article we talked about the two types of mountain bikes and road bikes that are available in my bike shop and are among the highest quality you can find in the area.

Today, our conversation is about other types of bicycles available, which are of course no less important and desirable than the previous two types

As we said in the article Types of bicycles for each type of use and each customer what he desires.

As for today, we will start our conversation about the best types of hybrid bikes that are in my bike shop

The best types of hybrid bikes:

Of course, we will notice that the Cozon brand is on the throne of bicycles in my bike store, due to the wonderful products it offers of bicycles.

As well as the improvements it makes to its bike to keep it up to date with everything new by developing technologies and choosing the most appropriate components
You will certainly find other distinctive types of Lapland bicycles in terms of wonderful mountain bikes and modern technologies

  • Cozon X3E Bike: This bike comes with an aluminum frame that makes it light in weight and a carbon fork
    It also features disc brakes that give it excellent braking power and this bike is vibration resistant

    You can find it in my bike shop in several colors like black or blue
  • Upland Ls380X bike: This bike is characterized by its lightness as well as its distinctive Japanese machinery, so it is very suitable for long trips, whether in the city or the countryside
    But one of the biggest disadvantages of this type is its brakes, although cable brakes may be suitable in emergency situations
    However, it does not compare to the quality of hydraulic brakes

    We at My Bike Shop offer you the option of direct brake replacement when you purchase this bike
  • Cozon X2 bikes : This type of hybrid bike is the best produced by the Cozon company, due to its light weight and similar to its Japanese parts.

    Not forgetting, of course, the distinctive hydraulic disc brakes that make it even more safe

To browse the rest of the types available in my bike store, one of the best types of hybrid bikes, you can go to our store

In general, the prices of our hybrid bikes range between 1900 and 2700 Saudi riyals.


The best types of women's hybrid bikes:

  • Totem bike: This bike has been compatible with the various requirements of women in terms of use, as well as modern features
    They are different in design from men's bikes and also differ in dimensions to suit women
  • Cozon Women's Bike: Of course, Cozon has not forgotten to provide the necessary options that are suitable for women
    Through the use of modern technologies used in her company

    This bike is very useful for a slender body without sagging, for tight and flexible muscles, as well as for supporting the joints

Other types of women's bikes:

Upland X90 bike: This bike comes specifically to suit the tastes of women, with the well-known and powerful legacy of the Upland company.
So this bike is a satisfactory solution and an outstanding product

As it is suitable for many difficult places such as slopes as well as uneven roads

Types of children's bikes:

Certainly, among the important types available in my bike store are children's bicycles, so that we can be when you trust us by providing all the types of bicycles you may need.

In addition, Cozon not only designed the best types of hybrid bikes, but also manufactured special models for children.

- Medi Cozon 24 inch bike: This bike is suitable for children between the ages of 11 and 15 years, as it is designed with high durability and appropriate technology to ensure the safety of children
The sturdy wheels and the premium price make it the least expensive in its group

Available in black, blue and red

- Cozon bicycles measuring 20 inches: These small bicycles are intended for children under 10 years old, as they provide them with the most appropriate balance

As well as the easy start to ride the bike optimally, which contributes to their learning faster

- 20 inch Totem bike: As an additional option, you can choose this sturdy and durable bike that allows your child to learn to ride a bike with safety and confidence

- Totem bicycle for children 12 inches: As for children under 5 years old, of course there are suitable options and colors for bicycles such as purple and phosphoric.

It also contains the most important technologies necessary for safe driving for a child of this age

In conclusion , we emphasize that My Bike Store provides its customers with multiple options and optimal guarantees for the quality of sale, and it is not only concerned with selling bicycles.
Whereas, in addition to that, you will find all the necessary additional accessories that are very important, and we are proud to present them to you with the best quality and the best price

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