The best road and mountain bikes available in my bike shop

أفضل أنواع الدراجات الهوائية للطريق والجبلية المتوفرة في متجر دراجتي - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية

The best quality mountain bikes and road bikes available in my bike shop

In a previous article we had talked about the types of bicycles in general, but today we will talk about what my bike shop offers from road bikes and mountain bikes
In detail and with prices

First of all, my bike store is one of the stores that cares most about gaining customer comfort and ensuring that they provide all the products that may interest them, not just bicycles
but also in terms of accessories and accessories for bicycles
Whereas, in our store, our goal is not only profit, but also gaining the trust of customers and making their dealings with us an introductory method for our store by providing the best service.
And honesty in selling.

In the context of talking about the types that are widespread in my bike shop, we must emphasize that the products in my bike shop are more than we can list in one article.

Since each product has many types and characteristics that distinguish it from others, we will start today with the two types of road bikes and mountain bikes

Best bikes in my bike shop:

My bike store offers you several options of each type, which we start with as follows:

Road bike:

To suit all tastes. My bike store offers multiple options that suit many. The main goal is to satisfy customers and meet their needs. You can browse our road bikes .

Carbon road bike This bike is a choice of luxury and sophistication that suits those who desire excellence, as the technologies used to manufacture it

High will make you feel a great deal of comfort while driving

- Upland bike This bike is considered one of the well-known brands that need no introduction. Upland is distinguished by a reputable name in this field.

Also, the inclusion of carbon fibers in its manufacture gives it great and distinctive light weight

- Cozon bike is a middle option that some people may prefer, due to its affordable price for different people and its unique design

In addition, it is excellent off-road

Of course, we guarantee you what we offer of bicycles according to the quality that distinguishes us from others and achieves your interest and confidence in us.

The prices of road or road bikes available in my bike store start from 3100 SAR up to 8250 SAR

You can view our most important helmets for road bikes and learn about their prices through our website

The best kind of mountain bike

Of course, after learning more information by reading our article on the types of bicycles, you will have the knowledge you need.
About mountain bike specifications
In my bike shop, the demand for mountain bikes is growing every day because customers want them more and have components that make them great.
We certainly offer you the best quality mountain bikes

  • Distinctive Upland Carbon Fiber Bike: This bike is a great choice for athletes or for people who want to strengthen the muscles of the thighs while riding it.

    As it is characterized by harsh movements, which strengthens and strengthens the muscles of the thighs.
    It is also characterized by great durability and stability on severe roads
  • The Upland Vanguard bike, which is a great solution for different roads and harsh terrains, as it contains all the characteristics of stability

    Starting with the excellent type of tires and moving to the strong suspension system as well as the straight and wide handlebars
  • And also the Upland X90 bike, and it is also considered one of the bikes that received great approval, as it was modified by the company to become more powerful
    It is more suitable for simple and bumpy roads thanks to the presence of strong and stable wheels

    They are great for riding in moderately steep terrain.
  • Upland Vineguard 200 bike, this distinctive modification from the Upland company came to improve the experience of riding a mountain bike and has become an ideal solution
    And proves the company's ingenuity in finding solutions that the passenger may encounter.
    It has improved the stability of the tires to make them more stable on various roads

  • Cozon Lerin Bike: There is no doubt that this company has become a leader and is well known for the best types of mountain bikes with its distinctive products that are highly suitable for off-road conditions, as it relies on its manufacture
    To choose the most high-quality and efficient products to ensure the cyclist's safety and ease of driving

In my bike store, mountain bike prices range from 1,700 to 4,700 Saudi riyals, depending on the type you want.

Available mountain bike helmets suitable for the best types of mountain bikes in my bike shop:

Of course, we at My Bike Store offer a lot of aftermarket services in terms of selling accessories and additional accessories
Where you will find everything that suits you in terms of accessories of great quality and efficiency, and we will offer you some types of helmets for mountain bikes:

  • Light carbon fiber helmet: What distinguishes this helmet most is its light weight and resistance to shocks that you may be exposed to greatly.

    For example in ways you don't know and new ways.
  • MUTECH HELMET GH-02: This helmet is specially designed for off-road enthusiasts.
    Provide them with the most important safety features
  • MUTECH HELMET HE05006 helmet: It is considered an intermediate choice for mountain bike riders, as it is characterized by a resistant structure
    And also a suitable weight that allows you to wear it well

Of course, you can find more mountain bike helmets and find out their prices on our website

Through the foregoing, it can be said that the purchase options in my bike store have become many and varied, especially as we entered the challenge strongly in the bicycle market in the region with regard to the best types of mountain bikes.
This requires us to gain more customer confidence and always maintain our name
Through elegant dealings to the satisfaction of customers and providing the best price as well as various payment methods


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