Types of bicycle gloves available in my bike store:

أنواع قفازات الدراجة الهوائية المتوفرة في متجر دراجتي: - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية

Types of cycling gloves

The head and hands have always been the most vulnerable parts of the body to scratches, cold or heat
more than others. Which necessitated the existence of what protects these two parts in particular.

For example, sun hats or winter hats have become essential additions during the seasons.
Likewise, many of us used to wear gloves for various types of activities in the winter, in order to be able to
Move your hands if they are cold.

Who among us can even write if his fingers are trembling?!

Today, gloves are widely used in many activities that require hand movement
fixed or accurate works.

My bike store in this regard offers its customers the best types of gloves in various shapes and colors to suit
All tastes are here today, and in this article, we will present to you, our followers, the best types of gloves that exist
In my bike shop and most importantly.

Types of bicycle gloves in my bike shop:

  • Mutech Gloves: These cloth gloves are among the best available in the Saudi market in terms of ventilation. it contains
    Stretchy mesh fabric in their overall appearance with the addition of small perforations on the palm these perforations pass into larger
    A lot of air, especially in hot weather.
    In addition, what distinguishes this type of bicycle gloves is the presence of a piece of cloth on the thumb that helps the wearer to wipe the width during any exercise.
    activity. These gloves are double stitched in a way that prevents quick tearing and ensures their quality
    for as long as possible.

    The price of these gloves is 48 Saudi riyals
  • Ashby Cycling Gloves: These gloves are made to suit all tastes, both men and women. They are suitable for all seasons of MTB racing.
    It is made of leather in the front part and is rounded at the tip of the finger, which achieves stability while holding the steering wheel by preventing the hand from slipping, especially when driving on an unstable bumpy road.
    With a distinctive design and a flexible patch at the wrist.

    The price of these gloves in my bike store is 44 Saudi riyals.
  • Distinctive blue gloves: This gloves company is characterized by high manufacturing quality, as it is a distinguished manufacturer of mountain, hybrid and road bikes. These gloves are suitable for various works and sports.
    Like riding motorcycles as well as climbing.
    As it is characterized by being designed to withstand all kinds of pressure, whether it is the result of gripping the steering wheel or otherwise. It also comes with an easily replaceable adhesive tape.

    The price of these gloves in my bike store is 48 riyals.

    Other featured gloves:

  • Lead Pollution Gloves: These fingerless cycling gloves come with a comfortable and distinctive design that meets different tastes, whether for men or women.
    It has a high-quality breathable knit to prevent fingers from sweating inside.
    These gloves are mostly made up of nylon, as well as other materials such as polyester and elastane
    in lower proportions. These types of materials have been introduced to produce gloves that resist slipping of the fingers while being gripped
    steering wheel on various types of roads.

    The price of these gloves in my bike shop is 48 SAR.
  • Comfortable Cozon Gloves: Through our previous article, you must have had an idea, even a little, of Cozon, a distinguished company for the manufacture of bicycles, as well as its accessories. In the field of gloves, these gloves are designed
    To give you comfort even when you hold the handlebar firmly, it withstands pressure perfectly and passes air
    well through it. It is suitable for those who desire some kind of distinction.

    And its price is suitable for everyone, as it is about 37 Saudi riyals.
  • Mutech Black Lined Gloves: The design of these gloves in black color and the white lines that adorn it make it highly desirable and suitable for professionals as it gives a high aesthetic impression and sense. This makes it a unique type among cycling gloves
    These gloves are also provided with an inner lining that ensures a good blood flow to the hand and also equalization
    Pressure in the soft tissues to prevent numbness in the hand.
    Of course, my bike store provides this type of gloves in various sizes, starting with children's size
    Even the size (XL) .

    These Mutech gloves are available at my bike shop for only 48 SAR.

at the end:

Dear followers, today we had talked about the best types of gloves available in my bike shop
Which you will definitely like. Because from every product we choose the best quality in order to gain the trust of our customers
And provide them with all means of comfort when they want it.

Of course, we will talk about other accessories for bicycles in later articles, God willing.

We thank you for your follow-up, and we hope that we will always remain a place for your trust in us



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