The most important technical specifications of bicycles and how to choose the appropriate bicycle

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Buying a bike is one of the great things that many young people, children and adults alike are excited about, and some may think that buying a bike is easy as it was in the past when the available options were very limited, and it was relying on the classic single-speed bike, which was It is manufactured inside workshops with relatively weak capabilities, in addition to the culture of the Arab peoples, who did not begin to classify advanced cycling until recently, and through the initiatives undertaken by governments to replace and renew the idea of ​​riding bicycles, the Arab consumer, especially the Saudi one, began to search for choosing the appropriate bike for him. And for his family by searching for modern bicycle stores inside and outside the Kingdom .

The importance of bicycles


Bicycles are an essential means of transportation, characterized by many advantages that make them at the forefront of interest for people of all ages, especially youth and children, as they are

  • Environmentally friendly
  • easy to drive
  • Sporty and economical
  • You don't need fuel
  • Its price is affordable

Despite these advantages, many people cannot buy a new bike due to the scarcity of sufficient information about the technical specifications of bicycles and how to use them . In this article, My Bike Store offers some important advice on how to select the appropriate bicycle for your daily needs.

What is the way to choose the right bike ?

Before you choose a suitable bicycle, you must first determine the type of use that prompts you to go to the bicycle store. Most of the statistics indicate that children are the most used bicycles and they are used for a short period of their age. There are also different types of bicycles according to use. Some use them for shopping, while others use them as a means of transportation. for nearby places, and others use it for exercise and recreation, and youth races, and determining the selection of the appropriate bike depends on several methods, the most important of which are:

  • Determine the use

What you should know is that the bicycle is no longer just a frame, tires, seat and handlebars as it was before. If you intend to buy a new bicycle:
For city tours or commuting to work, this type of road bike will suit you.
If you are a professional biker, and a lover of fun adventures. In or out of town, you're in for a treat with a mountain bike , or a hybrid with its great bike shop selection.
Women's bicycles have become one of the distinctive choices in the distinguished world of Eve, which is suitable for using them everywhere you go.
Athletes who love off-road cycling between the mountains, welcome to the world of mountain bikes. Designed for off-road, off-road and mountain bikes, they are more for professionals and professionals than others.

  • Know the bike sizes

After determining the use, there is another very important matter, which is determining the appropriate scale, and we presented in a previous article from My Bike by talking about the appropriate bicycle measurements for children, you can view it from
There are several bicycle measurements, and the measurements depend on the age and the length of the legs, so your legs must be fully extended, so measuring the height of the saddle and pedals is important to enjoy a smooth ride without hurting your foot or knee, and the measurements depend on experience by visiting a bike shop , or you can determine the size Before going to buy a bike, bike experts say that not choosing the right size for the bike leads to several problems, the most important of which are:
Deviation of the body from the proper measurement in millimeters, and your position on the particular street bike may result in damage to the bike.
It leads to many health problems.
And to find out how to measure the right bike for you, do the following experiment
Stand in front of a wall with a distance of 20 cm between your legs.
Bring a thick book and place it between your legs like a bicycle saddle, provided that it is perpendicular to the wall.
Have another person help you draw a line above the level of the book
Measure the distance between the ground and the line.
In the end, multiply this result by 0.65, so you can get the right bike gauge for you in theory.

  • Find out the technical specifications of the bike

My Bike Shop offers you a quick tour of the bike manufacturing workshop. You don't have to be a technical expert in the bicycle industry to buy a bike, but you do have to be familiar with some simple knowledge of those specifications.

  • The overall structure of the bike

Bicycle structures are the basis of the bicycle, and through it, if you are a technician, you can judge its general performance, and after the great outcry in the world of bicycles and their manufacture, aluminum has become the basic material for the manufacture of bicycle structures after the galvanized steel that was prevalent in the past, and bicycle brands are International brands such as Cozon Island and Totem are among the most famous international brands that rely on aluminum to manufacture structures, as it is considered a lightweight, strong and accessible material, although it is a material that may not absorb shocks well. However, modern production methods have made aluminum an absorbent material. shocks better
Steel: Heavier than aluminium, but its strength and flexibility make for a smoother ride.
Carbon fiber: lighter than aluminum and stronger than steel, but it is more expensive than them, and because of its high price, parts of the bike are produced from it, not the whole body, which gives the bike lightness and solidity at the same time.

  • . leash

The handlebar is the second important part in determining the technical specifications of the bike that you can use. There are two types of handlebars, a fixed handlebar, and here it must be chosen with high precision, as it is not possible to change and the body is difficult with it, and there is an adjustable handlebar, which is better than a fixed handlebar.

  • . Tires

As a new user to buy a bicycle, you can get enough information about tire measurements in general, and choose the best tires designed for the type of roads you travel.

  • . brakes

There are three types of bicycle brakes

peripheral brakes
It works by pressing the edge between the brake pads, and among its advantages is that it is economical, and its pads are easy to damage and can be easily replaced.
Disc brakes, which operate by pressing a disc mounted on a pivot between two brake pads
Hydraulic brakes and mechanical brakes, and one of its advantages is that it works on all roads and conditions and requires effort, and among its disadvantages is the difficulty in noticing and changing the panels, and the parts of the hydraulic brakes are more expensive.

  • Price setting

One of the things that must be taken into consideration when choosing the appropriate bicycle is your budget for purchasing the bicycle, and we will talk about it in a new article through the My Bike Store, so follow us


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