The most important components of a bicycle

أهم مكونات الدراجة الهوائية - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية
Bicycle components are essential parts of any bicycle. Without it, it can
To be less comfortable, and in some cases impossible, to ride a bicycle. Components cover a wide range of parts, such as bicycle handlebars, inner tubes, and wheels. However, ingredients do not only include what is visible to the naked eye. There are some technical components that are specific only to the manufacturers
How do bicycle components control their quality?
Depending on the quality of the ingredients , you can greatly improve the quality and speed of your ride. For example - a higher quality bottom bracket will allow you to apply less force to propel the bike. It is also worth remembering to check individual components from time to time. Especially if you ride a bike in bad weather, namely in winter. Salt, which unfortunately is still used a lot on sidewalks and bike paths, isn't good for a bike. Sometimes a bike that's been used to ride every day all winter is in a lot worse shape than you might think, it's important to maintain and replace your bike after winter
Bicycle terminology
If you're new to cycling, there's a lot of bike jargon to understand if you want to get a sense of how a bike works, and what each component of the bike does. Some of them are pretty straightforward and self-explanatory, while other parts of the bike are more complex
Bike components such as bottom brackets and freehubs have a lot of complexity, and bike brands seem to love coming up with new and slightly different ways of doing things that motivate their performance bikes.
The most important components of the bike
You have to be an expert in bicycles in order to buy them. Many people own cars and they are not mechanical engineers. The only thing you can know is how to maintain your bike on an ongoing basis, and about the most important basic components of the bike.
the structure
Finishing kit
Brakes and adapters
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Bikes have been made from a variety of different frame materials over the years. Today, they are most commonly made from either aluminum alloys or carbon fibre, although steel and titanium and magnesium alloys are also various options. The frame of a bicycle includes the basis for all remaining wheel parts
What bike parts need to be replaced on a regular basis?
There is no definitive answer to how long bicycle parts will last. It all depends on how you drive it and take care of it. Much also depends on the quality of the parts that were used to assemble it. So what bike parts should be replaced regularly?
Inadequate maintenance and missing the right moment for replacement can cause major problems. Not just in terms of the power required to ride a bike. Worn bearings can become damaged in the crank and can be expensive to replace. It is also worth regularly checking the condition of the steering head bearings. Regular maintenance, and especially repairing any loose items in the bearings, will allow you to take care not only of this part but also of your bike's frame and safety.
It is also important to pay attention to the wheels on the bike. If your bike is equipped with rim brakes, it is worth checking the degree of brake surface wear.
Remember, you don't need to have all the knowledge about bicycle service.
bicycle accessories
The important things a cyclist should be equipped with. why? Because they not only make cycling much easier, but they also make it more enjoyable. It's not essential for riding, but it's worth taking care of
Bike accessories come in a pretty wide range of bike add-ons, like holders for carrying your favorite drink, handy bike repair tools, or lights to light up the way while riding after dark. Of course, this does not include all bicycle accessories. It also includes bicycle chemicals to wash the bike after riding in the winter and in the rain. The chain oil will protect it
from corrosion and allows you to cover more kilometers.
What bike accessories should you choose?
For most cyclists, there comes a moment when they have to decide which bicycle accessories to choose and which ones will be useful to them in their daily bicycle use. The answer is not so simple, as it all depends on your individual approach to cycling. However, it would be nice to choose:
the helmet
There is no doubt that the helmet is the thing designed to make cycling safer. Wearing a bicycle helmet has become one of the laws in force in some countries of the world. If you are planning a long trip within the city, it is better to wear a bicycle helmet.
It is the essential equipment for most cyclists. With them, you'll be able to easily take the accessories you need, such as inner tubes, multitools, or more, on a trip.
Bike Water Bottle and Water Bottle Cage - These are probably the most important items any cyclist should own. Dehydration can happen quickly when cycling, especially on hot days, and a water bottle effectively prevents that.
Handheld tools
Tools like the multi-tool allow you to have your complete toolkit with you without having to carry a full toolbox! It is an ideal solution for small to medium repairs on the road.
bicycle pumps
We can distinguish between small and large pumps, that is, service pumps. The smaller one will come in handy when replacing the inner tube during a bike ride. Service pumps, on the other hand, will inflate your tires quickly and efficiently while you're getting ready to ride.
Are bike chemicals needed?
Many people may be asking themselves if cycling chemicals are necessary. At first glance, it seems that it is not necessary. After all, until recently there were no specialized bicycle care products, and a bicycle, in theory, is not that mechanically complex vehicle. But the truth is somewhat different.
The operation and life of your bike can be significantly improved with proper care. The basics include chain oils, which adapt to the conditions in which you ride most often. Dry-condition chain oil will keep your chain clean Wet-condition chain lubricant will protect your bike in fall and winter, but it requires more frequent washing.
It's also worth getting a chain degreaser - this will help you clean old oil from the chain and keep it clean. It can also be used on chainset sprockets and sprockets - so your bike's engine always stays clean.
Other types of bike wash kits, on the other hand, will keep your bike clean for days. They provide a thin film layer that protects the paint from dirt and makes it easy to remove with a dry cloth after getting off the bike.


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