Bicycling or walking, which is better?

ركوب الدراجات أم المشي أيهما أفضل؟ - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية
Bicycling or all forms of exercise reap the health benefits for the body. The best exercise is the kind you enjoy
Physical activity guidelines recommend getting 150 to 300 minutes per week of moderate cardio exercise
This means cycling or walking at least 30 minutes a day or breaking up your exercise into smaller chunks of time, such as 10 minutes
Three times a day with the need to consult a physician before starting any diet or fitness program

Walking and cycling

There are many differences between cycling versus walking. They use different muscles
And some people may be more comfortable doing one exercise over the other. If you are overweight
It may work for you to cycle at first until you lose enough weight to walk comfortable distances and longer
Whatever form of exercise you choose, practice safety. Wear a helmet when cycling, and don't listen to your music too loudly when walking
Or cycling outdoors you should be able to hear oncoming traffic or other hazards

Weight-bearing exercises for fat loss

Walking is weight-bearing exercise; That you ride bikes is not
When you walk, your body is the only thing running
In general, weight-bearing exercises burn more calories per session than non-weight-bearing activities
Although this can be changed by increasing the intensity of non-weight-bearing exercise

For example in cycling, according to Harvard Health Publication, a person who weighs 155 lbs

one walking at 3.5 mph will burn 149 calories in 30 minutes;

While a person of the same weight, cycling at 12 to 14 mph will burn 298 calories in the same amount of time.
In addition, non-weight-bearing exercise has less impact on the joints
If your goal is to burn calories and lose weight, walking is a great option, according to the Mayo Clinic
However, if you are looking for a lower impact shape due to knee, hip or other joint issues
Cycling may be the best form of exercise for you

Increased intensity and cycling

The intensity of your walking or bike ride may also determine which exercise is best for you
You have more intense options when cycling than you do when walking
Leisurely cycling on flat terrain will burn fewer calories than walking on similar terrain
However, cycling uphill or uphill will allow you to burn more calories and cover more ground than if you were walking.
However, your calorie burn can be the same whether you're walking or hiking uphill

Biking indoors or outdoors

Another crucial factor in choosing the best is whether you want to do cycling or walking indoors or outdoors
If you're at the gym using a treadmill, you have the option to increase the speed or incline
When riding stationary bikes, you will burn much fewer calories
Unless you're attending a group fitness class, such as group cycling
In this class, you can burn up to 1,000 calories or more, but cycling will be in better shape


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