The best bicycles, their price and amazing benefits

افضل الدراجات الهوائية وسعرها وفوائدها المذهلة - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية

The best bicycles are searched by many people; Because it has become a very enjoyable sport and has won the admiration of many, as it offers many benefits and beneficial to the body, so my bike store offers you many types of bicycles that differ according to their capabilities, type, and modern technologies in the bicycle, as bicycles are considered one of the best exercises that help to obtain physical fitness and activity, So let us explain to you in this article the best bicycles from my bike store, follow us.


The best bikes


Available in  My bike shop A large and distinguished number of types of modern bicycles with advanced technologies, the most prominent types:

  • Road bike, which is one of the best bicycles because it has many advantages
    Its design is made of genuine steel, and it has vertical rear brakes and front brakes on high quality, so it is
    Very safe to use, the tires are made of special metal, the price of the bike reaches 337 riyals
  • The sporty mountain bike is one of the most powerful types of bicycles in my specialized bike shop
    For all mountainous places because they have many tools to help adapt to the environment, disc brakes and tires
    Made of strong metal with a light and fast weight. The price of the bike is 777 SAR.
  • Hybrid bikes are among the most popular bicycles due to their distinctive features and capabilities
    With many modern and advanced technologies, it can be shrunk to a size smaller than it can be stored in any
    Makan, the tires were manufactured in a new and modern shape, the price of the bike reaches 525 riyals.
  • Distinctive, thin women's bikes with wonderful shapes that have many advantages; Where women help
    The fast movement because it is light in weight and has modern and advanced tools and technologies that have Shimano brake gears
    Disc, the price of the bike reaches 799 riyals.

The benefits of a bicycle

  • Cycling is one of the best ways to help lose weight, burn fat, and increase your metabolism
    Calories inside the body, and contribute to melting fat accumulated inside the abdomen.
  • Stimulates the immune system and reduces high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and prevention
    Heart disease.
  • It contributes to a high agility body, improves the general appearance of the body, and tightens all muscles
    Especially the thigh muscles, hands and abdomen.
  • Cycling contributes to the reduction of chronic diseases and strengthens the heart muscles.
  • It has a major role in revitalizing the body and providing it with the necessary activity and energy.
  • contribute to the eradication Depression Anxiety, tension and stress.
  • Treat arthritis and reduce joint pain.

Important tips when riding a bicycle

You should know several tips before riding a bicycle, including the following:

  • You must choose the appropriate bicycle for the age, size and weight of the person.
  • Maintaining the bike and following it up continuously, such as: maintaining the balance of the bike and the brakes.
  • Determine a time for riding bicycles not more than two hours a day for children with rest.
  • Make sure to maintain the bike seat on an ongoing basis so that it is comfortable and healthy when driving.
  • You must buy a bicycle with modern features and technologies from the bikes offered by My Bike Store.

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