My experience with the stationary bike

تجربتي مع الدراجة الثابتة للبطن
  • 1. My experience with the stationary abdominal bike
    • 1.1 My experience with the stationary abdominal bike
    • 1.3 Procedures to be followed when riding a stationary bike
    • 1.4 Ls380X Upland Hybrid Bike
    • 1.5 Frequently Asked Questions
      • 1.5.1 Is stationary bike cardio?
      • 1.5.2 Does stationary bike reduce weight?
      • 1.5.3 How long is the exercise on the bike?
      • 1.5.4 Does a stationary bike raise the rear?
My experience with the abdominal stationary bike, which benefited me from acquiring multiple benefits for the body in general as well, while adhering to all procedures that must be followed while practicing abdominal exercises on the stationary bike or bicycle. This is what we will explain in the lines of our topic today, in addition to presenting the best hybrid bicycles through my bike website .

My experience with the stationary bike

I will first of all explain to you my experience with the stationary bike for the abdomen in the lines of this paragraph, which highlighted the importance of riding the stationary bike for me despite my lack of interest in it previously.
If you are one of those people who like to eat at night, and it has become a bad habit, then this is for you. Read on till the end. "Despite being a skinny person, I used to love eating before bed, and this habit led me to clear negative results, the first of which was the catastrophic appearance of the rumen."
Then I thought I should consult a fitness trainer at the gym near my house, and talk to him about my problem. The captain then told me that the stationary bike is one of the most effective devices for slimming the abdominal area, which many people don't know.
As a result, my motivation to try the stationary bike increased due to what the expert told me of the benefits resulting from it that are similar to the benefits of riding hybrid bicycles . In addition, he told me about several safety measures that must be implemented while riding a bicycle, which we explain in the following paragraphs.
And if you want to gain the benefits of riding a stationary bike, or practice cycling exercises that give its user the same effect, you can go to the My Bike website and choose the appropriate bike. The site also offers various other services, for example:


In explaining my experience with the abdominal stationary bike, I am pleased to introduce you to the COZON RX 400 GRAY bike , whose use for the purpose of exercising facilitates the process of losing weight and burning hardened fats, in addition to its ability to achieve a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable mountain experience.
In addition to its perfect shape and light weight (only 12 kg), the bike is also useful for enjoying mountain trips with friends, and for feeling safe while driving on bumpy roads and slopes. In addition to the ability to stop at any speed while the driver only applies the brakes .
On the other hand, the bike is distinguished by many advantages, as it contains:
  • Aluminum body.
  • Alloy fork.
  • All parts of the car are made of Kozon.
  • Tires are KENDA 700*25C.
  • Shimano front and rear shifters with 8 speeds.
  • The mattresses are comfortable, and are not affected by external movement.
  • The brakes are of the type Tektro hydraulic disc brake.
Finally, you can get the COZON RX 400 GRAY bike in gray color, at a price of 1590 Saudi riyals, via my bike website . Note that the site offers limited offers for this period, up to a 20% discount from the basic price. The following picture shows how to choose the correct measurements according to the appropriate length.

Procedures to be followed when riding a stationary bike

After clarifying my experience with the stationary bike, we will take you to know all the procedures that fitness experts advise to follow when doing abdominal exercises on the stationary bike to get the best results.
  • At first, you should perform the exercises at a slow pace for 3 to 5 minutes as you start the exercise.
  • Work to gradually increase the speed by ten minutes, which prepares the body muscles for the next stages.
  • Then we increase the speed little by little until it reaches the medium level and then the high level. After that, we return to the intermediate level again, and it must separate between the level and the other for a period of time up to half an hour.
  • Finally, we resort to returning the level from the average to the slowest speed, and separating them for a period of up to 10 minutes only so that the body does not stop suddenly directly.
  • The total exercise time should not exceed 1 hour only.
  • It is very important to commit to practicing this exercise 5 times a week, and to continue for a period of 3 months at most, so that the person can clearly notice the results of burning belly fat.
  • Finally, you can follow these procedures while doing bicycle exercises as well, and above all obtain the best multi-speed bicycles through the official Darajati website .

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Ls380X Upland Hybrid Bike

The Ls380X Upland Hybrid Bike is my experience with a stationary abdominal bike
In the framework of clarifying my experience with the abdominal stationary bike, here is also the Ls 380 X Upland Hybrid Bike , which helps its user to achieve the maximum benefit from burning belly fat. And losing weight from different parts of the body because of the high resistance that the body acquires as a result.
Fitness experts also recommend resorting to this bike when you want to improve your physical fitness. And to achieve the required physical activity because it contains speed variables that provide the user with speed and fluidity. Ease of movement, which facilitates the process of raising the body's energy during exercise.
On the other hand, the Upland bike has advantages related to its containment:
  • Lightweight aluminum body.
  • Fork made of lightweight aluminium.
  • 3-speed forward and 8-speed reverse gearboxes.
  • Tektro brakes.
  • Lightweight, weighing only 11 kilograms.
  • The crank is a prowheel 3-speed.
  • Canadian tires are durable and light, measuring 700*35.
  • The rims are from Volta.
You can get the Ls 380 X Upland hybrid bike by going to my bike website , and buying it at a price of only 1870 Saudi riyals, and it is available on the site in blue.

Frequently asked questions about my experience with the stationary abdominal bike

Is stationary bike cardio?

Yes, the stationary bike and bicycle exercise are classified as cardio exercises that stimulate the heart to pump blood to the body, and this leads to an increase in blood flow and oxygen to the rest of the body.

Does stationary bike reduce weight?

Yes, continuing to practice riding a stationary bike leads to the process of burning fat in the body, but the highest concentration is in the legs, lower abdomen, and thighs due to the resistance that the body creates as a result of the constant switching on the pedals.

How long do you exercise on the bike?

The duration of exercise on the stationary bike should not be less than 60 minutes, but fitness trainers usually direct the trainees to practice for only 45 minutes. It is possible to calculate the time and the amount of calories burned through the timer on the official website of my bike .

Does a stationary bike raise the butt?

Yes, riding a stationary bike can raise the butt by flexing the muscles and taking out the hamstrings while doing resistance exercises that help strengthen the buttocks and thigh muscles, and increase the flexibility of these muscles.
Here we have come to the end of this topic after explaining to you through it an explanation of my experience with the abdominal stationary bike. In it, we mentioned the most important procedures recommended by fitness experts, and we presented the most important bicycles recommended for use in achieving the required fitness. And we're more than willing to take any questions you have in mind about the stationary bike in the comments to answer.


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