The right bike helmets for you | Buying guide to finding the best helmet for you

خوذات الدراجة المناسبة لك | دليل الشراء للحصول على أفضل خوذة تناسبك - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية

Bicycle helmets are of great importance to protect the cyclist. Find out with us how to buy the best bike helmet for you

First, the basics: Most road helmets are designed for single use

By "used," we mean getting involved in a single collision. You don't have to buy a new helmet every time you ride; That would be ridiculous

But if he's protecting you from crashing, then he's actually giving his life to save yours, and he should be thrown away

More advanced/modern helmets provide more protection than a standard helmet , by resisting torsion impact from certain angles

These tend to be more expensive, but then, not as expensive as buying a new head

If you are a frequent road cyclist, you will need an aerodynamic helmet for reasons of speed and ventilation

Most helmets aren't waterproof, but they do at least provide some protection from rain, hail, and wind

Most bike helmets are suitable for men and women , but you should try on a helmet for size at a store

, or be willing to return and replace a wrong size helmet in time. If you order online

That's because a lot of the helmet brands' specific head diameter for each of the helmet sizes seems to be hit

By using a random number generator. If you like to wear a hood under your helmet, this is especially necessary

After that, it simply comes down to style. Most helmets come in a range of bright colors which help with visibility as well as good looks

Are cheap bike helmets safe?

The short answer to this question is no. Cheap cycling helmets use inferior materials

Which leads to the helmet breaking in and clearing your head when it is supposed to provide the most protection

Not to mention, microcracks on the plastic shell can make cheap cycling helmets unsafe right out of the box

You don't need to buy the most expensive cycling helmet but it is definitely recommended to spend a little more than just the bare minimum

What are the most comfortable best bike helmets?

It depends a lot on how you define "comfortable" but if you're looking for comfort, so to speak -

Choose a helmet that has plenty of padding but is also breathable, so while it will protect your head without compressing it, it will also keep you cool.

How often should you wear a bicycle helmet?

Legally, it depends on where you are, and laws differ from place to place

On the other hand, as long as your little head deserves protection, you can use a helmet. Helmet and bicycle laws vary depending on where you are

So it is impossible to know your correct location

In some places, you can freely choose when you are fifteen years old -

There are other venues that require riders of all ages to wear helmets. But regardless of the law -

Anyone who believes their head deserves protection, no matter their age, should wear a helmet. When riding a bike, everyone must wear a helmet.

It may not save you from being hit by a car at high speed, but given its cost and ease of wear

If you fall, it's pretty cheap head/face injury protection. Yes, really

Choose from our selection of premium helmets here and tell us what you choose



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