Tricycles for adults at special prices

دراجات ثلاثية العجلات للكبار باسعار مميزة - دراجتي للدراجات الهوائية

Tricycles for adults, tricycles for adults are one of the distinctive and preferred types of bicycles for children and adults. Riding a bicycle is an important exercise for the body because it is a very enjoyable aerobic activity. Experts advise to persevere in cycling daily to enjoy good health. And to get fit, my bike store provides you with many types of tricycles at affordable prices. Let's get to know the specifications and brand of the bikes below. Follow us.

Tricycles for adults

Three wheel bike

It is one of the most requested types of bikes and many people want to buy it, because it is very safe and easy to use.

  • Tricycle available at a price of 1589 SAR. It is available in overlapping colors to attract attention.
  • Three-wheeled bicycle in three colors, priced at 1589 Saudi riyals.

Specifications of adult tricycles

The bike carries many specifications and features, the most prominent of which are the following:

  • Attractive and eye-catching streamlined design.
  • It has auxiliaries installed in the chassis.
  • The bike frame is wide and long to fit everyone.
  • The bike operates using the feet and arms.
  • The front brake of the bike is applied by the hand handle.
  • The bike has a large and wide trunk.
  • The front wheel rims on the bike are 12" and the wheel is 500".
  • Very easy to use and safe.
  • The bike is fast and sporty.

Benefits of cycling for adults

  • Cycling helps burn calories and lose excess weight while following a healthy diet.
  • The bicycle is resistance because it builds muscles, especially the knees, thighs, and hamstrings.
  • Bicycling improves the immune system and reduces the incidence of various diseases.
  • Scientific studies have shown that riding a bicycle helps to produce lymph nodes and makes people more active and mobile.
  • Riding a bicycle helps to get rid of cancerous diseases because scientific studies have shown that people who are more active and mobile are less likely to spread cancer cells in the body.
  • Cycling activates the cardiovascular system, the lungs and the muscles of the legs, and also helps regulate and adjust the heartbeat and reduces the stress that a person is exposed to during exercise.
  • Bicycling is the perfect and quick solution to get fit, active and energetic.
  • The practice of cycling is a light aerobic activity that increases blood flow and thus leads to the release of endorphins in the brain, thus reducing the feeling of stress, tension and depression and at the same time working to improve the psychological state in general and raise the mood and morale.

The benefits of cycling for the colon

  • Riding a bike is an important exercise to get rid of irritable bowel problems, along with light exercise.
  • It improves the body's absorption of nutrients and reduces the time required to digest food and keep it in the digestive system, thus helping to get rid of recurrent colon disorders.
  • Cycling helps to get rid of colon disorders.
  • Men and women of all ages can cycle for several minutes a day to enjoy good health.

The best site for selling bicycles in Saudi Arabia

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